2 x Pyramid Tents & 1 x Tarp | Backcountry Basecamp with Wood Stove Video

Learn how to set up 2 x Minipeak XL Pyramid Tents and added our Polatouche Backpacking Tarp. Create a portable basecamp with a large tent awning. A great option for winter camping and backcountry hunting.

This allows for everyone to have their own shelter and communal space to stay out of the rain or snow, and gives you the ability to split the weight between 3-4 backpacks. We used a single wood stove for heating the space, cooking food, and drying clothes, but you can use two.

Shave weight by going floorless by using our Tyvek Groundsheet, or use the 1.5 XL Pyramid Inner for a double walled shelter, with even more insulation and defense against condensation.

A great solution for cold weather winter camping and hunting!

2 x Pyramid Tents and Tarp Video