3W Hot Tent Stove and Megahorn Tipi Combo Video

For those of you considering pairing our Megahorn Tipi with the 3W Titanium Ultralight Wood Stove, we created this video.  Come join us and experience what it feels like to have the hot fire burning inside this big teepee tent.  

Winter Hot Tent Combo Video


In this video we do a walkaround of the Megahorn and show you how spacious it is.  We also cook a hot bacon on the stovetop with our small cast iron pan and boil water in our ultralight titanium cookpot for some fresh french press coffee.  

Luckily it ended up raining on us so we could show off how great this setup is in rain or snow.  With a hot wood stove inside your tent, you will be begging to get out in "bad" weather when all the other humans are scared to go out.

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