Attach Bug Net (Camping Hacks) for Any Tipi or Tarp

Pairing a bug net with a tent (Luxe Tent shown), often is necessary when the mosquitos are bad. Nothing worse than being tortured by little pests while trying to sleep. You will have a much more enjoyable camping trip if you use a mosquito net. However, some tents or tarps do not have a loop to anchor this piece of gear to. There is several hacks that you can do to overcome this issue. Here are the simplest two:

Mosquito Net in Tent

Teepee or Pyramid Shelters

Stuff Sack Over the Tent Pole

Most outdoor gear on the market today, come with a stuff sack to store the item in. Simply put a stuff over the top end of the tent pole, before setting up your shelter, to give you something to tie or clip the mosquito net to. Then anchor the bottom ends of the netting using big rocks or tent stakes. This will save you a bit of weight from your pack as well, since you are already bringing that item camping anyways!

Stuff Sack Over Tent Pole

Camping Tarp

Cord Under Tarp Ridgeline

Simply run a small line under your camping tarp, after setting up your campsite. Tightly tie the cord to the tarp poles, which can just go under the main ridgeline of your tarp. This give you an anchor point to tie or hook a mosquito net (even an inner tent). Then open up the bottom ends of the netting using big rocks or tent stakes. Now you are ready for bed!

Mosquito Net Under Tarp