Camping Bug Protection (Inner Tent Hack) Without Tent

Learn how to pitch an inner from Luxe Tents, without setting up the tipi outer tent. This is great for sleeping under the stars, but still having bug protection and a tent floor. Simple and easy to do on your next camping trip!

Step 1: Lay the inner tent out in a shape of a rectangle where you would like to sleep. Place 4 stakes in the ground at each inner corner.

Step 2: Extend a trekking pole or stick a bit taller than the inner tent. Attach guyline to the top of inner tent and wrap it a few time near the top of the pole. Then run cord 4-6 feet out and away from the inner tent, and use another stake (#5) to secure to the ground.

Step 3: Add sleeping bag and pad, and then go to sleep!


Inner Tent Pitch Hack Video


Bug Tent Video Transcripts

Why Use No Outer Tent?

Alright, gonna show you guys quick trick on how to pitch an inner tent, with no outer tent. This is beneficial for somebody who just wants to camp out under the stars, but the mosquitoes and bugs are pretty bad, so this still gives you some protection.


Setting Up Camp

Alright, after you figure out where you want to sleep, just need four stakes to get started, then you are gonna put them on the four corners of the inner.

Use Trekking Pole and Cord


Alright, attach the top of the inner tent to the trekking pole however you want, doesn't really matter long as it holds, and then we're gonna run this guy line out to another stake.

Bug Inner Tent Set Up Hack


Overview of Bug Protection

There you have it, one stake in each corner, then guyline out to the trekking pole, to give it the height, and then the guyline going out. One single stake to hold and that is all you need, and now your ready for sleeping pad, sleeping bag and a good night sleep without any bugs. Hope this helped.