Center Wood Stove in (Megahorn) Teepee Video

Burning a tent wood stove at the center of the Megahorn Teepee. Ran the stove pipe up and out the top hole, positioning the stove near the tents center pole. This is simple to do!

A Tent Protector Pipe Sleeve is importantly used to shield and act as a buffer, so not to melt the shelters fabric. It is important that the stove pipe does not touch any tent fabric, so as to burn a hole in it. So take your time installing and uninstalling a wood stove with any shelter.

One of the benefits of putting the stove at the center, is so 3 people can sleep around the perimeter of the teepee, some users prefer this. Running the stove pipe up near the center pole, makes the whole stove and shelter more stable in wind. A con would be, depending on the size of your wood stove, you lose the ability of sleeping two people side by side, like a traditional tent. The rest of the details are all just a personal preference.

Wood Stove at Teepees Center Video


Center Wood Stove Video Transcripts

Difference Between the Two Megahorn Versions

I have been getting a lot of questions in customer service, about how to center mount a wood stove inside the Megahorn Teepee. A Megahorn has two available options, a stove jack and a non stove jack version, both of which you can run a stovepipe out of the top hole.

Using a Tent Protector on Stove Pipe

You just want to be sure to use a tent protector sleeve over the stovepipe, that way the red-hot stove pipe doesn't melt the tent fabric.

Normally, touching a red-hot stove pipe would severely burn my hand, but I'm able to do so with the Tent Protector. This provides a shield and a buffer between the stovepipe and the tent fabric, this also puts the stove at the center of the living area inside the shelter, which some people prefer.

Megahorn Teepee with Wood Stove at Center


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