2-person Trekking Pole Tent Showdown: Hexpeak vs Minipeak Shape, Size and Height

We get questions in customer service for Luxe Tents all of the time. One of the biggest ones is, what is the difference between your Hexpeak and Minipeak shelters? So we will try to sum it up as simply as possible, hope this helps!

Quick summary: Minipeak is larger, Hexpeak is lighter!


Hexpeak vs Minipeak Shelter Showdown

  • Weight:  Hexpeak is lighter by 12 ounces (Minipeak has more square footage)
  • Cost:  Minipeak cost over 50 dollars less
  • Fabric Functionality:  The Minipeak's polyester performs better in strong temperature shifts and provides better shade in summer
  • Ease of Setup:  The Minipeak's pyramid (rectangle) shape makes it easier to pitch
  • Packable Size:  Hexpeak packs down smaller, because Silnylon is less bulky
  • Weather:  Hexpeak is better in wind, rain and snow
  • Sleepability vs Footprint Space:  Minipeak has more because of its true pyramid shape
  • Storm Buffer Space:  Hexpeak is hexagonal shape, so there will be greater distance between your sleeping bag and the walls
  • Height:  Both shelters are 4.5' or 137 cm
  • 2-Person Function:  The Minipeak has two doors
  • Inner Tent Options:  Same, both have 1 and 2 person size inner tents. However, the Hexpeak has the option of using a 1.5 person sized inner
  • Versatility:  Both can be set-up with a trekking pole, tarp pole or hung by the top loop
  • Tent Stoves: Minipeak shines as a solo hot tent, because of greater floorspace (watch pyramid hot tent video)


Hexpeak 2-Person Tipi Tent

The Hexpeak is a sleek looking shelter because of its cone-like shape.  It is lighter and more packable than the Minipeak because of its fabric. It performs better in bad weather, because of less flat surfaces on its walls. However, its a bit more trick to set up, because it requires 2 more stakes and its hexagonal shape.

The Hexpeak is a better shelter for someone who is looking for a high performing tent in bad weather and above treeline, and a hiker who is weight conscious. 


Minipeak 2-Person Pyramid Tent

The Minipeak is a really nice shelter for 1 or 2 people who are looking for a nice balance between versatility and value. The cost vs function rating is through the roof on this tent. Its rectangle shape makes it more simple to set up, and its double doors makes it a better shelter for sleeping two people. The Minipeak's fabric performs better in rapid temperature shifts and provides better shade in the summer heat, the downside being its a bit more bulky.

Overall, if you are planning on being in bad weather and above treeline all the time, chose the Hexpeak. If you want an overall better camping shelter for simplicity and usable space, chose the Minipeak. 


Hexpeak vs Minipeak Tipi Footprint Size