Hexpeak XL vs Minipeak XL 3p Comparison Video

Let’s Compare the Luxe Minipeak XL and Hexpeak XL. Use these shelters for cold weather hunting and backpacking. Both have the available tent wood stove jack option, to create a hot tent for winter conditions.

Hexpeak XL vs Minipeak XL Size Chart


Lighter, the hexagon shaped Hexpeak XL made from ripstop nylon features large interior space and pitches with a single pole with room for 3 people.

Bigger, Minipeak XL is a pyramid shaped shelter made from ripstop polyester and features 2 large doors and room for 3 people (more square footage of the two).

The Hexpeak XL features 1 door, while two peak vents are found on the Minipeak XL and 1 on the Hexpeak XL.

Choose either of these lightweight, packable backpacking and hunting shelters for your next outdoor adventure!

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XL Comparison Guide Video


Updated: October 2021