Ultralight Stove Tent Comparison: Hexpeak XL 3p vs Octopeak 6p Outdoor Camping Shelters

These ultralight shelters for camping and backpacking from Luxe Tents. Let's compare these two hot tent tipi shelters.

Hexpeak XL vs Octopeak Video


Fabric and Size of Hexpeak XL

Made from ultralight waterproof ripstop nylon, the Hexpeak XL is large enough to sleep three people.


Add a Stove Jack to Hexpeak XL

Additionally, turn this tipi tent into a roomy 1-person hot tent, with the optional snow skirts and stove jack when paired with a wood-burning stove.


Hexpeak XL Steeper Walls vs Octopeak

Steeper walls and a hexagon shape of the XL, reduces living space against the walls when compared to the Octopeak.


Sleeping Size of Octopeak Tip

The Octopeak is an octagon shaped shelter, that increases living space and can sleep up to 6 people.


Octopeak Tipi Design and Features

This tent features two doors without the optional snow skirts or one door when snow skirts are added.


Add Tent Stove in Octopeak Tipi

Turn this large ripstop nylon tipi into a hot tent with an optional stove jack and wood stove, making this a roomy two-person late-season cold-weather hunting and backpacking shelter.


Hexpeak XL vs Octopeak Tipi Summary

The Octopeak adds significant living space. when compared to the Hexpeak XL.


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