Hot Tent Rain Backpacking Video: Down by the River

Overnight backpacking with the Hexpeak XL Tipi and 3W Titanium Tent Wood Stove. On the first part of this trip the weather was fair, but then overnight a rain storm moved in and absolutely soaked the whole campsite. Come along on this adventure!


Hot Tent Rain Backpacking Video


Hot Tent in Rain Video Transcripts

Backpacking Trip Intro

Doing a quick 24-hour camping trip, supposed to get down to around 36 degrees Fahrenheit tonight, so I brought along in the hot tent just for fun.

Getting ready for snow camping season, so we'll see what happens, might run into some animals, I don't know. I was hoping to run into some mushrooms in the forest, but they've been picked over pretty good, the area that I was in. So let's go out and get set up for the night.


Hot Tent for Solo Backpacking

Alright, got the Hexpeak XL set up, got the groundsheet, going floorless tonight, since the bugs aren't bad, it's gonna be cold, so don't want to worry about the critters.


Setting Up Tipi Tent on Rock

I put rocks around the perimeter, so if any breeze picks it up, it won't make any noise while I'm sleeping, and since I'm on the gravel bar, cannot use tent stakes, so I just did dead man's anchor on all corners, using big rocks, as you can see there and then got the stove jack, now I'm ready to build the wood stove and onto the next step of setting up camp.


Titanium Portable Wood Stove

Alright, brought 3W Titanium Tent Stove along, inside always carry gloves, for putting together this stove, because it is sharp titanium and also for handling the red-hot stove, you don't want to burn yourself.

All the pieces, the chimney parts put together. Alright, got the wood stove set up, if you want to see details on how to set it up, I'll put a link in the description of this video, that goes over specifically the stove and setting it up.


Floorless Tipi Bed Configuration

There it is it gonna be terribly cold, so there's a groundsheet, a foam pad, a Klymit sleeping pad, which I sell in the physical store in Washington state, but I do not have it online, still if you ever in the area, feel free to swing by check it out, but anyways, I'll get this bad boy fire it up here, as you can see the sun's starting to go down so pretty quick the temperatures should be dropping here, especially by the river front door view here. Alright, on to the next step.

Hot Tent River Campsite Floorless with Stove


Wood Stove Tent Rain Tips

Got the fire going, feel the heat, oh yeah. Took me some time process a little wood, that I'll keep safe tonight, so I can have my coffee and my breakfast. Supposed to rain starting around midnight, so I gotta make sure I protect my dry wood and make sure I stock up a little bit more before bed, cuz this won't be enough to last me all night.


Camp Chores Around Dinner Time

So I think I'm gonna start gathering water, and then head down to the river grab some water, and then boil some water and start cooking me some dinner. I want to make sure get that done before dark. Alright, on to the next step.


Waiting for Sunset in Campsite

Suns starting to go down here, just have my pot on the stovetop, waiting for water to boil. You can see these awesome colors starting to happen, we'll see if we get a sunset or not. Alright, let's see if waters done.


Tent Cooking and Goodnight

Boil-on, big-time, let me put the camera down, so I don't burn myself. Alright, got nature's TV go on here, it's already after sunset, some twilight action going, it's almost time to lay down catch up on some sleep, you guys have a good night, and I'll probably see you in the morning, with the sounds of raindrops, pitter patter pitter patter on the tent.


Rainy Wakening and Campsite Tips

Well, as you can see it is raining now, it's pretty wet out there, I stepped out to go to the bathroom, everything's pretty socked in, so I'm gonna get a fire going and made some coffee. Nothing better than seeing a nice hot fire, when its pouring down rain outside.

Going to go see if I can gather more wood, because I burnt through more than I thought I did wood last night, didn't prepare enough so, there's a little lesson for you, make sure you have a little bit extra wood case the weather turns.


Breaking Down Camp and Goodbye

Got to start packing up, cuz I don't think the rains gonna back off, I don't think it is one bit. Let's see how it looks outside. Yep.

Alright, breaking camp, got a little break in the weather. I want to thank you guys for watching and hopefully next time then we go out together, it'll be snow and take care.