Hot Tent Definition (What It Is and Basic Function) Stove Camping Shelters 2023

A camping hot tent is a shelter that’s equipped with a wood stove jack, which makes it possible to pass a red hot chimney through the tent wall. Often used for backcountry hunting and winter camping in cold weather.

The term hot tent is a made up phrase, which became popular because of YouTube. The most important factors of a hot tent, are the stove jack and tent wood stove. When put together, they can be used as a heat source, cooking surface, to dry clothes and lower the risk of condensation.

Lastly, what makes the Luxe hot tents different from most, is that they are made of lightweight fabrics, which makes them more portable and packable.

These hot tents are a great solution for cold weather backcountry hunting and winter camping.

Camping Hot Tent Meaning Video