Top 5 Inner and Double Wall Camping Tent Benefits

One of the benefits of a floorless tipi tent (Luxe Tents) is the ability to change how you use the shelter depending on season and needs. A hunter or backpacker may opt for an inner tent or a a simple groundsheet when heading out into the backcountry. What are the benefits of using an inner tent?

Although the main idea of an inner tent is to protect you from getting eaten alive by mosquitos, the added benefits prove their use for any season for any hunter or backpacker looking to make their tipi tent more modular and applicable to all environments.

Double wall tent using inner

Keep Bugs Out of Tent

Inner tents are typically made with a bathtub style floor and a mesh upper that surrounds. This design allows for air flow and visibility in the tent, but doesn’t allow bugs inside.


Keep Inside of Tent Clean and Free From Dirt

With a floorless shelter you could be setting up camp in any type of conditions. An inner tent will allow you to have some space inside the sleeping space to put gear items you want to keep clean and protected.


Sleeping More Comfortable in Cold Temperatures

Similar to layering for cold weather on your body, adding a second layer inside the outer tent adds another layer for warmth to stay trapped longer. Some inner tents are designed to have less mesh and have full fabric walls for 4 season use. Having full fabric walls allows for a secondary layer that aids in trapping heat, keeping you warmer.


Tent Bathtub Floor Keeps Gear Dry

Floorless camping tents provide excellent weather protection because of their design and shape. However they do not have a floor like a traditional dome tent. Without a floor, this potentially allows for rain and snow melt to make its way under the walls of the tent and into the sleeping area. An inner tent with a bathtub floor will provide a water barrier for your essential gear, like your sleeping bag and pad to stay dry. Also when setting up in the rain, you’ll have a dry place put your gear after getting the outer tent pitched.


Dealing With Condensation Using a Double Walled Tent

Condensation build up is a concern when using a single wall tent. Condensation can happen in various ways, but by adding an inner tent you are creating a double wall tent and the benefits of a double wall tent. When condensation builds up inside the tent it presents a problem of sleeping gear getting wet by rubbing against the outer wall. By using an inner tent you are creating a barrier between you and the outer tent walls allowing you to keep you and your gear dry.