Tipi Tent Inner Set Up (Pro Tips) Ultralight Backcountry Shelter Outdoors

This is the proper way to set up an inner tent inside a shelter from Luxe Tents. Your peak pulled to tight will reduce sleeping space, or the floor pulled too tight will reduce headspace. Here are steps to get the proper pitch.

Inner Tent Set Up Pro Tips


Begin by spreading out your inner tent. Then loosely attach the peak of the inner to the top of the tent. Put a little bit of tension on the peak. Then attach the cord loops of the floor to the stakes of your tent. Add a little more tension to the peak, and then evenly tension your floor tension points. This will pull your floor tight. If done correctly your door panel will stand vertical, the floor will be tight, and side walls won’t be loose. The inner should also not touch the outer tent walls.

To get the best pitch of your inner tent, ensure your outer tent has a tight pitch as well. If your inner is not pulling tight enough, raising the height of your outer tent with a rock under your center pole will help with this issue. We hope this helps you maximize the living space, inside a Luxe inner tent for tipi tents.