Camping Tipi Tent: Campsite Setup Pitch Pro Tips

Let's discuss a few valuable tips regarding setting up an outdoor camping shelter from Luxe Tents. These come from setting up the tent dozens of times. Really hope this helps!

  1. Lay shelter out flat and even on the ground in your desired campsite.
  2. Loosely place the first 4 stakes at the corner of each door.
  3. Insert the center pole adjusted to the bottom hole (for even ground).
  4. Look up at the webbing at the peak of the tent and look for any of the straps out of balance.
  5. Place the remaining 2 stakes.
  6. Make micro adjustments to buckles near the stakes, or move the stakes left or right. The webbing at the peak of the tent, should all reflect even tension. All fabric panels should be tight.
  7. Optionally, if the weather is bad, place remaining stakes at the guyout points with light tension.

Tipi Tent Pitching Tips Video


Pitching Tips Video Transcripts


Alright, we're gonna go over a few helpful tips of how to set up a tipi tent.


Lay Out Shelter in Campsite

First thing you're gonna do is lay out all six corners and locate the webbing straps, that have the tension buckles on them, and then we're gonna place the first four stakes on the corner, one right there, one right there, of both doors. So a total of four stakes.


Placing the Tent Stakes

The stakes should be placed with about an inch on the tag end from the buckle, and the webbing should fall the seam of the tent.


Single Pole Setup and Adjustment

After the first four stakes are in place, you're gonna build the pole, and in the last section has all these little holes, you're gonna place it on the bottom hole; for a level ground. The rest of the holes are for snow pits or uneven ground.


Just the Right Tension

Alright, we placed the first four stakes in and then we want to make sure that we don't over tension the four corners yet, because it'll make the remaining two stakes points lopsided.

A really nice tip is, when you look up here the webbing that holds the structure together at the top, I want to make sure that all four are even, if you look up and you can see one is lopsided and pulling too tight over the other four, that means you need to move your stake and balance out the tent.


Making Micro Adjustments

Okay, we've added the other two stakes, now the total of six, and now we're going to go around and make any micro adjustments, so when you look at the tent panels, there should be no loose fabric, so that means that I either have to tension a buckle or I need to move the stake left to right slightly, to tighten up every panel equally, so I'm going to do that now, and then I'm gonna place on a 360 vent cap at the top, and that just attaches with bungees on these little points here that you see right there.


Adding Additional Stakes

Alright, now structurally I am done, all the remaining guy outs, halfway up at the mid panel and then down at the base those are not necessary to pitch this tent, those are just intended for light wind, snow loads and it's to stabilize it in heavy rain or etc.


Closing the Vent Cap

You should never pull over pull those out, because structurally it's not intended for that, and then back up to the cap, see just hooks on with little hooks all the way around. Now in high wind or if you want to keep heat inside the shelter in extreme low temperatures, you can cross this bungee and that bungee over and kind of envelope one of the panels of the hood, and that'll close it. So I'm gonna do that real quick and show you.

Okay, this is what it looks like with the vent hood sealed up, like I said this would be keep heat inside or if you're in super high wind and you want to completely batten down the hatches, this is how you get it done.


One Last Look in Conclusion

Alright, taking one last look and then like I said before, that these guy out points are not meant to take a great amount of stress, they're just to take light tension on this panel to help out with stability, and the same one goes for the mid panel tie out, it just gets light tension that way you don't mess up the shape of the teepee by pulling it. 

Like if you think about it like a empty balloon, if you start pulling it too wide it starts to flatten out the center, so it's important that the six main stake points take all the tension, and then the remaining guy outs, just take light tension, so now you're ready to add a wood stove or an inner tent of your choice.

Inside in this particular model has a UV coating on the inside to help retain heat and to help in extreme temperatures. So I hope this helped. Have a good one!


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