2023 Stove Tent Showdown: Megahorn vs Octopeak Hot Tent Shelters

One of the top questions in the Luxe Tents customer service all of the time. What is the difference between the Megahorn and Octopeak shelters? So we will try to sum it up as simply as possible, hope this helps!

Megahorn vs Octopeak Tipi Tent



  • Weight:  Octopeak is lighter by 3.7 lbs (less with stove jack and snow skirts)
  • Cost:  Megahorn cost just over 100 dollars more (basic version)
  • Fabric Functionality:  The Megahorn's polyester performs better in strong temperature shifts (no sil-sag) and provides better shade in summer
  • Ease of Setup:  The Megahorn's hexagon shape makes it easier to pitch
  • Packable Size:  Octopeak packs down smaller, because Silnylon is less bulky
  • Weather:  Octopeak is better in wind, and Megahorn shines in rain and snow
  • Sleep-ability vs Footprint Space:  Octopeak has more because of its octagonal shape
  • Storm Buffer Space:  Megahorn is hexagonal shape, so there will be greater distance between your sleeping bag and the walls
  • Height:  Megahorn is taller at 7.2' vs 6.06'
  • Group Function:  Both have two doors (unless Octopeak with stove jack and snow skirts, which has a single entrance) 
  • Bug Protection:  Megahorn has no-see-um mesh. Octopeak has none.
  • Inner Tent Options:  Same, both have 1, 2 and 4 person size inner tents.
  • Heat for Cold Weather:  Both are available with Wood Stove Jack
  • Versatility:  Octopeak can be hung by the top loop or use two trekking poles (3 season only) to pitch. Megahorn requires dedicated pole.

Megahorn 4-Person Tipi Tent

The Megahorn is a dominant looking shelter because of its steep walled hexagon shape and snow skirts.  It is heavier and less packable than the Octopeak because of its fabric. It performs better in bad weather, because of its steep walls. The polyester performs better than silnylon during daily temperature changes, fighting sil-sag. Unless you are over 6' tall, you can stand up in this shelter!

The Megahorn is a better shelter for someone who is looking for a high performing tent, if you are going to be out for an extended period. Think of it as a tiny house! 

Megahorn Stove Tent

Octopeak 6-Person Tipi Tent

The Octopeak is a really nice ultralight shelter for up to 6 people, who are looking for a nice balance between weight and space use. Its sloping walls are designed to shed wind. Its most beneficial for someone who wants to carry this shelter on their back for a great distance or a group that is weight conscious. The Octopeak's main body fabric is made of ripstop silnylon, so it is lighter than the polyester used to build the Megahorn.

Overall, if you are planning on being in bad weather and above treeline all the time far away from roads, chose the Octopeak. If you want an overall better camping shelter for simplicity, chose the Megahorn. 

Octopeak Ultralight Stove Tent



Tent Wood Stove Jack

Both the Megahorn and Octopeak are available with optional stove jack. This makes it possible to put a tent wood stove inside the shelter. Keep in mind that a wood stove eats up almost a third of floor space. However, this makes each shelter its own palace for 2-people for camping. 

Add a 2 or 2.5 person inner tent, and now you have a protected bedroom and living room area, which features your tent stove in the floorspace. 

Tipi with 2-person inner tent and wood stove chart


We hope this helped: Shop all Luxe Tents for camping