Backpacking Pyramid Tent (Modular) Trekking Pole Shelter Camping Setup

This outdoor shelter from Luxe Tents is perfect for backpacking, bike touring, camping and travel. It is pyramid shaped to gives you maximum footprint to interior sleepable space ratio.  This shelter system has two pieces, a double door rainfly and inner tent. Using two doors is nice when camping with a partner, because you do not have to climb over the other person to exit the shelter. Having two parts gives you an option to just use the rainfly when the bugs aren't bad. This saves you a bit of weight and gives you more of a camping under a tarp feel, but not give up the full 360 degree protection of a tent in a storm. This video is an overview of this pyramid tent! 


Pyramid Video Transcripts

Today we're looking this pyramid tent by Luxe. This lightweight shelter uses a trekking pole to set-up.

Minipeak Pyramid Tent Rainfly

Rainfly and Inner Tent Options

The spacious rainfly has two doors. You can purchase a 2-person inner tent. However, it comes with the solo inner tent. This gives you a huge amount of extra space when camping in bad weather by yourself. Additionally, both door panels on each door, can be rolled up all the way for additional ventilation in good weather.

Taking Down a Pyramid Tent

Pyramid Tent Setting Up and Taking Down

Pyramid shelters are very easy to put up and take down. Loosen the corners and then it's safe to remove the center pole. Before removing the center pole, you may want to consider giving the tent a good shake at this stage, to remove any excess water or rain.

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