Octopeak Tipi Wood Stove Tent: Tent Stove and 2.5p Inner Tent Video

Taking a quick look at our Octopeak Tipi. This shelter is available with wood stove jack and snow skirts. It is 6-person in maximum size, and has the option to use a tent wood stove. This tipi is a rad set up for backpack hunting and winter camping!

Octopeak Tipi Wood Stove and Inner Tent Video


Since this floorless tipi is modular, you can use a 1, 1.5 or 2.5 person inner tent (shown), and still have room for a wood stove. In addition to camp wood and gear.

Additionally, you can pair it with our 3W Titanium Tent Stove, which is displayed in this video. Whole system, including stove, folds and packs down to be stored in a small place, such as a backpack or motorcycle panniers.