No Pole Camping Tent Set Up (Using Cord) How-to Pitch Outdoors

Setting up an outdoor camping shelter without using any tent poles. This is most beneficial for a lightweight hiker who is looking to save weight out of their backpack or someone who wants to set up without a center pole. 

First choose which trees will line up directly with your campsite area. Then simply run a cord or rope between two trees. Put the cord through the top loop at the peak of select Luxe Tents. Add the tent stakes to the ground, then pull the line tight until your shelter is at its desired shape.

This technique will work with any brand of tent that has a loop at the top of the shelter.

Set Up a Tent Without Poles Video


Cord Pitch Video Transcripts

Using Two Trees and Cordage

We've been getting a lot of customer service questions, on how to pitch your teepee tent without the use of a pole. Today we're going to show you a method, using two trees and a piece of line.

Hexpeak Hung From Cord in Forest

Align Shelter with Trees

First line up the center of the teepee tent, directly between two trees. After you've laid your teepee tent out flat, you want to grab a bundle of strong line or rope.


Your Tent Needs a Top Loop

Our ripstop silnylon tents all feature a Center Top Loop, this is where you run the line through.

Cord Through Teepee Top Loop

Perfect Pitch Tips

You'll want to make sure the anchor points, where you tie the line to the tree are much higher than the top of the tent, this helps create a tight pitch and a stable structure.


Extra Space Inside Using No Center Pole

Now you can see we're finished setting up our teepee tent without the use of a pole, just two trees and a piece of line. Now let's take a peek inside of this simple setup and you'll see that there is no poles.