Tent Camping (How-to Set Up) Pitch Uneven Ground Campsite Pro Tips Outdoors

Learn how to set up Luxe Tents floorless camping shelter on uneven terrain. A major benefit of using an outdoor tent with no floor, is that you can pitch it at any height, just as long as you extend the guyline near the stakes, the same distance as the center pole.

Additionally, when you set up a floorless tent on a steep slope, the uphill stakes must be place near the tent body, and the downhill guyline gets extended to match the steepness of the slope. This is important so that the uphill portion of the tent walls does not get bunched. This can cause center pole failure in extreme weather, and loss of sleeping space inside the shelter. Hope this helps!

Steep and Uneven Tent Pitching Steps

  1. Place uphill stakes near tent fabric
  2. Over extend or place rock under pole to make level
  3. Over extend stake guyline same distance as center pole difference

Example scenario: Campsite footprint slopes away 4" one direction. Place stakes on the uphill slope near the fabric. Extend the center pole 4" greater than the recommended pitch height. Lastly, overextend the guyline 4" on the downhill slope.


Steep Campsite Pitch Videos