Teepee Tent (Trekking Pole) Setup Shelter

Learn helpful tips on how to setup a shelter from Luxe Tents. This particular tent uses 6 stakes and a trekking poles to set up. It is useful for someone that does not want to pack around extra tent poles, and still get 360 degree waterproof tent protection. Campsites can range from car campgrounds to the mountains in winter. Hope you find this video helpful!


Teepee Tent Video Transcripts

Today we're going to setup a teepee tent, for this demonstration we are going to use the Hexpeak Teepee Tent, that uses a trekking pole to setup.

Adding Tent Stakes to Teepee

Adding Tent Stakes to Teepee

Lay the teepee tent fly out, so all the tent stakes are evenly apart. For the Hexpeak I stake out the four main corners first. It is important that these four corners are perfectly squared. This will ensure that the walls are not lopsided. As a goal I put the tent stakes in at a 45 degree angle, with the head of the stake facing away from the tent.

Additionally, sometimes I add a big rock on the tent stake, when I'm in soft soil. When I place the tent stake, I want to make sure that I'm not favoring one of the tent walls, pulling it too far to one side or the other. All the tent walls should create a perfect 90 degree angle.

Once the four stakes are in, it's time for the center pole!

Teepee Tent Setup Using Trekking Pole

Adding Trekking Pole to Teepee

Generally, I'll find a piece of bark or a smooth stone, and put it underneath the center pole, so then it doesn't slowly sink into the soil. When using a trekking pole, I like to put the handle up. This also gives you the option to hang on mosquito netting off the wrist strap. When placing the pole, I want to make sure that it's in the center of the teepee. This will ensure a nice crisp pitch later on.

Teepee Tent Setup Chart

Helpful Tent Setup Tips

Now it's time for the final two tent stakes. I want to make sure that I'm not pulling the tent too tight yet, and placing the stake following all the seams of the tent. It's important that the tent is set at the appropriate height, this will ensure all the walls can be properly pitched out.

Now that the walls are nice and even, I can start tightening the tensioners. You want to make sure that the tension at the tent stakes, is nice and even all corners. This will ensure that one wall isn't favored to one side. Here I'll tension the first four corners of the tipi first, and then followed by the other two. Doing this helps keep its shape. Once the walls are nice and tight. Now it's time to insert the inner tent.

Inserting Inner Tent in Teepee

Using Inner Tent with Teepee

Some tipi tent models, require you to build the inner tent first, and then put the tent fly over that, but for this demonstration, we're going to use the solo enter tent, which is hooked in by clips and cordage. This is very beneficial when building the teepee tent in the rain, that way the outer tent fly can protect the sleeping area, why you put your tent together.

For the first step, I like to clip the top of the inner tent in first, then I attach the corners of the inner tent to stakes that are already in place. Now we're ready to go camping!

Benefits of Teepee Camping

One of the main benefits of using a large teepee, with only half of the areas of sleeping space, is that you have this open area to get out of the weather or store gear.

Secondly, you have 360 degree protection for when the weather turns bad. I hope this is helpful! I'll post more info in the description (only on Youtube) below. Thanks for watching!

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