Megahorn Teepee Tent (Stove Jack) Video

This portable shelter is designed for bad weather camping. The simplicity of a teepee tent design, makes them easy to set up. Perfect for hunters, prepper (survival), bike touring and camping. Featuring a winter tested waterproof outer tent, with available stove jack. The port will let a wood stove pipe exit the teepee. This tent has two doors with no-see-um mosquito netting and fits 4 people. Additionally, the Megahorn teepee is modular, so it lets you add a two person inner tent with bathtub floor.

Megahorn Teepee Video Transcripts

Today we are going to look at the Megahorn Teepee Tent by Luxe. It is simple to set up, using only six stakes to pitch.

Teepee Tent Set Up

Adding Stakes and Tent Pole

After placing four stakes in a perfect rectangle shape, you insert the center pole. Then you add two additional stakes on the outer walls.

Teepee Tent Wood Stove Jack

Tent Chimney and Wood Stove Jack

The Megahorn comes with a removable chimney cap, making it possible for smoke to exit the teepee or a stove pipe. Additional tent stakes can be added, if you are expecting bad weather. This version of the Megahorn, is available with a stove jack, so that a wood stove pipe can exit the tent.

Camping with this Teepee Tent

This teepee has two doors, both of which have bug screens on them. You can easily fit four people inside this tent. Additionally, a two person inner tent with bathtub floor can be added inside the Megahorn. 4 season snow skirts are on the Megahorn, but they can be easily be rolled up and stored away; if you are expecting good weather or want additional airflow.

Tent Storage Stuff Sack

Taking Down Teepee Tent

Real quick, I'm going to show you guys how I store the teepee tent in its stuff sack. Usually, I try to lay the tent out flat and then fold it from the outside - inward, to prevent tangling of the guyline cords. and then I throw the tent in the stuff sack, and then the 16 tent stakes and removable chimney cap, followed by the tent poles. Thanks for checking out the Megahorn! I'll put a link, with all the specs and details in the description below.


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