Teepee Tent (Hexpeak and Octopeak) Unboxing and Setup Tips Video

Discussing the Hexpeak, Hexpeak XL and Octopeak Teepee Tents by Luxe. Going through the customer journey from opening the box, when it comes in the mail, to tips on the first initial setup. These teepees are built to handle rain, wind and snow. They are great for camping when the weather forecast calls for anything but sunshine.

Standard box includes modular inner tent and waterproof outer tent, aluminum Y-stakes, silicone seam sealer and storage stuff sack. If the customer orders an additional aluminum center pole, we include that too. Often trekking poles or wood poles are made found in the forest.

All Luxe shelters have the option of using with or without an inner tent. The waterproof outer tent if full functional by themselves as a stand alone floorless tent. This is great for saving weight out of your backpack or camping in winter. All you do is add a groundsheet to sleep on or use a bivy sack.

Most prefer to use an inner tent, which makes these teepees double-walled. The inners come with a bathtub floor, mesh panels to help with breeze and moisture in the sleeping area, and no-see-um bug netting.

The inner tent size and what they fit, can often get a bit confusing. Generally, much larger teepee outer tents must be used to fit a smaller inner tent. They come in 1(solo), 2, 2.5 and 4 person sizes. Feel free to reach out to our customer service for questions.

The solo inner tent (seen at 5:29) is a great option for winter camping by yourself. It gives you the option to pair with the Hexpeak XL or Octopeak with a 1-person protected sleeping area and a huge livable area under the shelter. Additionally, the solo inner can be paired inside an Octopeak, giving 2 camper's individual living quarters.




Unboxing Video Transcripts

Let's take a look at three similar shelters by Luxe. The Hexpeak Trekking Pole Teepee, which fits one or two persons, the Hexpeak XL, which fits two-and-a-half or three people, and finally the Octopeak Group Teepee, which fits 4-6 persons. All of them have similar designs, the only differences is the inner tents and the space that they provide.

Unboxing Your Teepee Tent

After receiving your order, let's go over the contents of the package. First we have the setup instructions, followed by the waterproof outer tent, then seam sealer, and then all over more about this later on in this video, then aluminum Y-Stakes, how many depends on which size tent you ordered.

Teepee Tent Unboxing

Teepee Inner Tent Size Differences

Inner tents come in one, two, two and a half or four person sizes. Check out our product page, to figure out which inner tent fits inside your shelter. Finally a simple stuff sack.

Right Height and Tent Pole

You can pitch the teepees by using aluminum center pole or you can use a trekking pole. It is important that you note the proper height, before pitching the tent. Tipis can be pitched at a variety of different heights, but as a general rule, the higher that you have the tent off the ground, the further the stake needs to be away from the shelter, with increased cord.

Pitch Teepee with Trekking Pole

Teepee Setup Helpful Tips

Here you can see, I've staked out all the corners of the inner tent, and now I'm finding the reinforced center point, which the center pole will go. I've attached some cordage on the top loop of the inner tent, this is because you can hook smaller inner tents, inside the very large teepees, giving half of livable space and the other half sleepable space. Inside the top of all outer tents is this nice little attachment point, where you can hook smaller inner tents into.

All, but the smaller Hexpeak, you must pitch the inner tent first, and then throw the outer tent over the top of that.

More? Full Teepee Tent Setup Guide

Teepee Tent Setup Tips

Measuring and Cutting the Tent Cord

All the tents come out of the box with line attached to the tensioners. You must cut the extra line yourself and add it to the remaining tensioners. Going summer backpacking? You can cut the line in half. Going snow camping? You're going to need extra line to anchor it down deep into the snow. The main corners of the tepee, should have the greatest amount of tension. Except for the door, halfway down each wall should only have light tension.

Cutting the Tent Cord

Seam Sealing the Teepee Tent

At the very peak of the tent, is where you need to apply seam sealer, a few inches down, all the way around and then the horizontal stitching, is the primary points of focus.

Need help? Learn how to seam seal a tent or tarp!

Seam Seal Teepee Tent


Inner Tent Adjustment and Features

Here you can see this nifty little swing arm, that keeps the vent open. Using an inner tent, turns this teepee into a double-walled shelter. You can adjust the distance between the inner and outer tent, by these line tensioners. Generally, you'll want to leave about an inch or two space.

Double-Walled Teepee Tent Using Inner

Tent Overview and Wrap-Up

This particular inner tent is two-and-a-half person size. It's great for two adults and even can add a dog or a child.

Here I've set up the solo inner tent. It can fit in all the Hexpeaks and the Octopeak.

Thanks for watching, enjoy your new tent!