Camping Tent Guyline (Easy) How-to Set Up Guidance 2023

Tent guylines secure your tent, provide more interior space and reduce condensation. Guylines are made from strong and thin fibers that can handle tugging and pulling. Usually they attach midway up the tent or tarp structure and angle out at 45 degrees to a tent stake on the ground. Adding this cord to your tent is very helpful in the rain, wind and snow.

Tent Guyline Set with Tensioner

How to Use a Guyline Tensioner

Tensioners allow you to adjust the length and tautness of the cord. These are especially handy after you have staked out the guylines and just need to tighten all the lines up. Tensioners also create a loop at the bottom of the cord that makes it easy to hook with a tent stake.

A guyline tensioner has a minimum of two holes (but usually three). Cord is alternately ran through the holes and then a simple knot is made at the end. Slide the tensioner all the way down the cord to the knot. Then start pulling the cord (as shown in the photo below) through the tensioner to form a loop.

Guyline Tensioner How To


The loop should be made large enough that when your cord is tight, the tensioner is halfway up the line. This makes setting up camp so quick and easy. Quickly stake out each cord without having to worry too much about the placement. Then use the tensioners to tighten up each line as needed. No more pulling out stakes repeatedly to find the perfect spot!


How Long Should Guyline Cord Be?

Use brightly colored cord (reflective) that stands out since guylines do tend to be tripping hazards. The general rule is the cord should be at a 45 degree angle away from the tent, but we have found that longer cord is better for stability. Having long guylines, gives you the option to stake out your tent with rocks if needed; as well.

Rocks on Tent Stake

How Many Tent Guylines?

How many tent guylines to use, really depends on the shelter design and the kind of weather you're camping in. Generally, you only need to guy-out the windward side of the tent. However, wind sometimes changes direction, so it may be wise to put them out all the way around. Four guylines are sufficient for most weather conditions.

Teepee Tent with Guylines

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