Lightweight Tent (Guide) Wood Stoves 2019

Adding a wood stove to your large teepee or tent can be great in those cold months of the year. For decades hunters have added wood stoves to their large military style canvas tents to keep warm in the winter. Now, with the availability of lightweight materials (titanium and stainless steel), several companies have started manufacturing small lightweight packable stoves for backpacking, hunting or winter camping.

The most important thing to consider, is that the tent should have a sewn in stove port (jack) in the wall. It is possible to purchase a stove jack and put one in your large tent yourself, but that requires some skill in cutting, gluing and sealing. One must also consider that cutting a hole in the wrong area of the tent panel (wall), may structurally weaken the shelter. Its best to check with the tent manufacturer, before cutting into your high end and expensive tent.

Teepee Tent with Wood Stove


Lightweight and Packable Wood Stove Manufacturers

Tent Camping and Cooking Size

  • Kni-co makes tent stoves made from steel, for all sizes of shelters. The come in several sizes and are in a shape of a rectangle box. The firebox does not break down, but the legs do fold to make it packable. The box shape, gives it a large surface to cook on.
  • Gstove makes stainless steel cylinder stoves for large shelters. It is in the shape of a barrel, but it does have a flat surface on top for boiling water and cooking. The fire chamber does not break down, but the legs do fold and the stove pipe stores inside, making it portable. It also has handles, which double as drying racks. 


Backpacking Size Tent Stoves

  • Seek Outside makes a few titanium wood stoves for tents. They come in several sizes (widths, heights and lengths) and are in the shape of a box. The stoves feature a sliding door panel where you feed the wood. It all breaks down to form a small flat rectangle package.
  • Wild Wild West Stove comes in one size and is best for 2-6 person shelters. Every part of the stove fully folds down, so its great for fitting in a backpack. The glass door and attention to detail is what sets this stove a part from the rest.
  • LiteOutdoors makes a titanium wood stove for tents. This stove is a cylinder design; like a small barrel. It is put together by rolling a rectangle panel and attaching two lids at both ends; one of which has a door. It all breaks down to a small package.
  • KIFARU International makes titanium and stainless steel wood stoves for tents. They come in box and cylinder shapes. Using a box shape wood stove has the advantage of being able to cook on top its flat surface. The stove then breaks down to a small package.

Hot Tent Wood Stove

Tent Stove Pipe Considerations

Stove pipes for tents are designed to be lightweight and packable. They can be made out of titanium, aluminum or stainless steel. All have the same job, to move smoke from the firebox in the sleeping area, up and out of the tent.

One of the first considerations is the importance of using a stove pipe that extends far enough above the shelter so that sparks will not fall down and burn a hole in the tent fabric. It is important to find out if your shelter fabric is treated to handle this kind of abuse. We like to use the rule of at least 3’ above the tent.

It is important to add a stove damper, that includes a spark arrester. This handy little device has two jobs. Stove dampers are designed to control the amount of air leaving the firebox, which controls the rate which the wood can burn. As the wood burns, the spark arrestor helps filter out sparks that are created, this helps lessen the chances of you burning a pin-hole in the tent fabric.

Optionally, a stove pipe protection sleeve can be added. This prevents the tent fabric from touching the hot pipe, which may melt or burn it. This also allows you to use a wood stove in a tent, without the use of a stove jack hole. 

Consider adding a stove pipe cap as well. Stove pipe caps are essential if you are in the backcountry in bad weather. They simply help keep rain and snow from running down the stove pipe and into the fire box. This is mandatory if you are camping in a rainy place, such as the Pacific Northwest. Now imagine there is pouring wind and rain outside and you are warm and cozy by your fireplace. Sounds like a portable and heavenly haven to me!


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