Tipi Inner Tents (Tips and Tricks) Set-Up Video Guide

In this tutorial we will discuss setting up the inner tents for our Hexpeak and Octopeak tipis, providing a cozy livable outdoor shelter even in harsh weather conditions. Improve your outdoor experience by following this simple guideline. Let's go camping!

Inner Tents Setup Video


Tipi Inner Tent Video Transcripts

Inner Tent Size Differences

In today’s video we will discuss how to set up the inner tents for our Hexpeak and Octopeak tipis.

Differences between the two inner tent size models include livable space and the order in which they are pitched.

Tipi Inner Tent Tips and Tricks


Attaching the Inner to Outer Tent

Prior to pitching the inner tent, locate the five tent stake corners for attaching the rope loops.

For the solo inner tent, you will loop the front two cords around the mid panel tensioners to ensure a tight pitch.

When securing the inner tent to the inside peak ring you have the option of creating a refuge for less than ideal conditions, be it rain, wind, or bugs.

Unlike the solo version, the Hexpeak XL and Octopeak inner tents must be pitched before the outer tent is added.


Tip for Large Tipis

As with all our shelters, ensure that the outer tent is tightened prior to the inner for a nice clean setup.