Tipi with UV Reflective Inside: White Megahorn Video

Forest showcase of the 4-person Megahorn Tipi with Wood Stove Jack. This floorless shelter is available in several colors, with optional modular floors or inner tents.

This campsite features the white fabric with a silver pigment on the outside surface and the inside is coated with a UV reflective coating. This is to provide more shelter in extreme heat and the inside reflects more heat when using a wood stove. Adding extra coatings to the fabric also makes it more durable.


Tipi with UV Reflective Coating Video


UV Tipi Tent Video Transcripts

Goal and Introduction

We're getting a lot of new customer service questions about our new white Megahorn with Stove Jack. I think this is our most photogenic model yet and this white color really pops in the dark green forest. You could also take this same tent for snow camping and blend right in.


Purpose of UV Reflective Coating

This model is white on the outside and on the inside comes with silver UV coating, this helps reflect Sun during heat waves to keep you cool, and during extremely cold conditions it helps reflect your ambient heat inside the tent, and keep you warm.


Megahorn with White UV Reflective Coating