Using Wood Burning Stove Inside a Tent Video

We recommend these steps on how to use a wood burning stove in a tent. Following these recommendations you can use a tent wood stove inside your shelter. This comes in handy for winter camping, and backcountry hunting.

Using Wood Burning Tent Stove Steps


  1. It’s important that your single wall tent allows enough space to put a tent wood stove.
  2. It’s important that your shelter has a fireproof stove jack which allows the chimney to exit the living area of the tent.
  3. Your tent must be floorless or have the option to fold back the floor.
  4. Be fully familiar with how to burn wood in a tent wood stove and have enough fuel available to create the desired heat, very similar to building a campfire.
  5. Lastly, we always recommend a CO Detector for your own safety.

    We hope you found this helpful for using a tent wood stove in your shelter.


    Updated: December 2022