Wood Stoves for Tents (What They Are) Function and Tips Video

What is a tent wood stove? A tent wood stove burns wood as fuel and requires a stove jack for the chimney to exit the shelters living area. Used for winter camping and hunting when the weather is cold.

Generally, a stove jack is made of a fireproof material which makes it possible for a red hot chimney pipe to exit the tent. A very important accessory to a lightweight tent, when putting a wood stove inside. 

Tent Wood Stove Definition Video


What Do Tent Wood Stoves Burn?

Tent wood stoves burn wood for fuel (firewood) that you find in the forest, or bring along with you on your camping adventure.


How Hot Does it Get Inside Tent?

How hot it can become inside the tent depends on fuel source, firebox size, and wood dimensions. There is no one set rating, because all firewood burns differently.


Benefits of Tent Wood Stove

As a general benefit we like to use a tent wood stove as a heat source, cooking surface, to dry clothes and lower the risk of condensation. A great winter camping and hunting option!


Wood Stove Inside Tent with Firewood