Wood Burning Camp Stove in Teepee Tent Shelter

Wood burning camp stoves are small camping stoves that use wood for fuel. These stoves are portable so you can use them for backpacking or general camping. This video demonstrates how to use these kind of stoves inside a tent. This camping shelter from Luxe Tents has a removable chimney cap, so that campfire smoke can exit the hole on the top of the shelter.

Burning wood fire inside the tent, gives you the option of cooking, if you chose or staring at the flames during long winter night camping trips. Hope this video inspires you to get outdoors!


Teepee Tent with Smoke Hole Video


Burning Wood Fire Inside Teepee Tips

  • Use Tent Top Hole: It is very important that the campfire smoke can exit the shelter
  • Use the Right Wood: Seasoned and dry wood will let the fire burn nice-n-hot
  • Keep Fire Hot: Hot fires product less smoke
  • Moderate the Airflow: Crack the door or close the door, depending on the conditions. This will let the smoke rise out of the top hole more efficiently.


Wood Burning Camp Stove in Teepee Tent