Twinpeak Awning Tent (5P) with Stove Jack

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Twinpeak Awning Wood Stove Tent
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The Twinpeak is a two pole octagonal shaped hot tent designed for cold weather winter camping. This outdoor tent is simple to set up using 2 poles and 8 stakes. For the two poles you can use trekking poles with extensions or two dedicated poles that are the appropriate length (like our 231x, 197x & 163x poles). The outer tent sleeps up to 5 people (4 with stove) as a fully functional floorless shelter. Designed for group camping outdoors! 

Twinpeak Wood Stove Tent (Set Up) Video


All About the Twinpeak Hot Tent

  • Sleeps 4 adults with wood stove
  • Two pole design for added living space
  • PU coated Polyester Taffeta (no silnylon sag) outer tent functions fully as a stand alone 5-person shelter
  • 3 doors and one of which opens for large tent awning
  • Run floorless or add a 4-person inner tent which hooks in
  • Includes stove jack for adding tent wood stoves

Twinpeak Hot Tent for Hunting

This modular tent comes with the floorless 3-door waterproof outer tent (which keeps rain off you) and the optional 4-person inner tent with a bathtub floor (which keeps mosquitos out and ground water out), or available rectangle floors.

Comes with a pre-installed 10" x 14" stove jack, which makes it possible to add a small or medium sized wood stove, transforming the shelter into a hot tent which uses up a third of the floorspace (1-person).

Optional Inner Tent with Bathtub Floor

The optional 4-person inner tent uses the center of the floor space and has room to fit two people under 6 feet tall. The inner tent walls are designed to keep heat in and significantly lowers the risk of condensation, transforming the shelter to a true double walled tent, with floor and zipper door. Safe to use with a small or medium size tent wood stove!

Twinpeak Shelter with Inner Tent

Twinpeak 5-Person Tent (Options) Specs

Outer Tent Shelter:

  • Weather:  4 Season
  • Size:  5-person (up to four with Stove. See Hot Tent Guide)
  • Color Scheme:  Olympic Elk Brown
  • Outer Tent:  6.3 lbs (100 ounces) 
  • 5 Person (Floorless) Outer Tent: 5.25' (height) x 16.4' (length) x 8.5' (width)
  • Wood Stove Jack:  10" x 14" with rain cover
  • Tent Packed Size:  23" x 6" x 6"

Optional Inner Tent:

  • Optional 4p Inner Tent:  2.7 lbs (44.8 ounces)
  • 4p Inner Tent Sleepable Space: 4.1' (height) x 6.8' (length) x 7.2' (width)

More Details:

  • Not Included:  Wood Stove, Tent poles or Trekking Poles with extensions
  • Includes 16 Stakes:  16.8 ounces 

Twinpeak Hot Tent Size Chart

4-person Inner Tent Floor for Twinpeak

Fabric and Further Details

  • Outer Tent:  68D Polyester Taffeta PU at 2000m with Fire Retardant (No Sil-sag) with taped main seams 
  • Inner Tent:  68D breathable Polyester and HD mesh. Then 68D Polyester Taffeta PU bathtub floor at 4000m
  • Tent Stove Jack: cuttable Silicone and Fiberglass - 14" x 10" Total Size and waterproof rain cover (not seam sealed)


Twinpeak Tent Awning Open with Chair and Hunter

Possible Uses of Tent

  • Base Camp Backpacking
  • Winter Camping
  • Backcountry Camping
  • River Bank Fishing

Tent Pitching (Pole) Options

Twinpeak with Tent Awning and Wood Stove Jack


Note: Also known as the Twinshelter. Tent colors may appear different in person. Vents added in 2020. Made in a tent factory in China. Always use CO Detector and vent while burning wood stove.