Warm-n-Dry Groundsheet (2P Tents and Tarps) for Shelters

Warm-n-Dry Ultralight Tent Groundsheet

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A Warm-n-Dry Groundsheet go under your tent to insulate, protect and provide waterproofness. Without one, body heat can be lost through the night while sleeping on the wet ground. Adding our 2-person groundsheet will provide a warmer night's sleep while camping. We recommend using our tyvek floor for snow and desert camping. 

About Tent or Tarp Ground Cloth


Using a ground cloth will also prolong the life of your tent floor. Providing an extra barrier between the harsh ground and the tent fabric. The Warm-n-Dry Groundsheet is so compact and lightweight, you won't feel guilty adding it to your camping gear list. Fits almost any tent!

Groundsheet with Ultralight Tarp Tent

Tent Footprint Specs

  • Size:  2-Person
  • Count:  1 Groundsheet
  • Dimensions:  5’ (width) x 7’ (length)
  • Material:  Clear Vinyl
  • Weight:   1.95 oz

Warm-n-Dry 2-Person Tent Groundsheet Size Chart



Will the groundsheet fit my specific tent model?

Yes they can! Our groundsheets come in one specific sizes to fit a standard sized 2-person tent. It is important that you note the inner tent floor dimensions. Then you cut it yourself with scissors to match the exact shape of the specific tent. The sleeping area (under the tent) is the only coverage necessary for a groundsheet. We suggest cutting the dimensions an inch or two smaller that the actual tent footprint. This will ensure rainwater and wind can not reach the material, which will potentially cause problems through the night.

Need a bigger size?

Have a larger shelter than a 2-person tent? You can overlap these groundsheets, to create one larger floor. Another option is to only use groundsheets under your exact sleeping area of the floorless tent. Example of this would be a groundsheet on one side floor, and a second one on the other. Then that leaves you with a divided sleeping area.

Can I sleep on just a groundsheet?

Yes you can! Our Warm-n-Dry Groundsheet can be the perfect solution to leave your inner tent at home. Pair a Luxe Teepee Tent or any tarp (like our Polatouche backpacking tarp) and just a groundsheet for a simple way to camp. This is most beneficial when the bugs are not going to be bad or you can pair with a drop bug netting. You can also go tentless cowboy camping with this same technique. Tip: Use small rocks around the perimeter to keep it in place if the wind is bad. 

Note: Ultralight material may tear easily. Do not leaved in prolonged direct sunlight. Also known as Polycro!