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About Luxe Tipis, Hot Tents and Tarps

Our lightweight shelters are for wilderness backpacking, bushcraft, hunting and general camping; just to name a few. What adventure dreams do you have? What sets our shelters apart from the rest, is the ability to handle bad conditions. It is very comforting to know that you can hunker down inside, to wait out a storm. Our shelters are built tough to handle year-round bad weather, while you sleep cozy inside.

All of our shelters provide excellent headroom and lots of space inside. We do not sacrifice floor space to make our weight specifications look smaller. Our shelters are built for extra room, over other tents on the market. It is very luxurious to have extra space inside to spread out. We find this is a must for sleeping in a storm or camping with a group. Additionally, most of our shelters will sleep someone over 6 feet tall comfortably.

For additional security, we offer inner tents with bug-netting and waterproof bathtub floors that give you added comfort. Having that extra protection can make all the difference for a more enjoyable night in the woods. Using an inner tent transforms our tents and tarp into a double walled shelter. All of our shelters can be used with or without an inner tent.

We offer high quality products at direct-to-customer prices that are unbeatable. In-stock shelters usually ship same or next business day. We pride ourselves in great customer service and prompt shipping.

Size Differences Shelter Overview

1-2 Person Tents

  • Hexpeak Trekking Pole Tent
  • Minipeak Pyramid Tent
  • Peakarch Hoop Tent

2-4 Person Tents

  • Hexpeak XL Teepee Tent
  • Minipeak XL Pyramid Hot Tent
  • Megahorn Teepee with Stove Jack

Larger than 4-Person

  • Octopeak Teepee Tent
  • Hercules Hot Tent
  • Batwing Camp Tarp
  • Megahorn XL Teepee With Stove Jack

Detailing the Differences Between Shelters

Our shelters are waterproof and have extra guyline loops for camping in storms. All shelters have vents on the peak, to allow for additional airflow. The bottom edge of the shelters can be adjusted to various heights, by simply adjusting the length of the pole or by moving the tent stakes closer to the anchor point. Our floorless outer tent flys have zipper doors to make entering and exiting easier, and to provide optional additional venting. Some tents have a single or double door system. Having a double door makes it easier to climb in and out of the tent, if you are camping with a partner.

The Hexpeak, Minipeak, Hexpeak XL, Minipeak XL, Megahorn, Octopeak and Megahorn XL are similar in a lot of ways. Height, shape and floorspace are the biggest variables. All are equally quick and easy to set-up. All tipi shelters are compatible with tent wood stoves. Having extra space is best, but with a larger tent you do add additional bulk and weight inside your backpack; which is important if you have to carry the teepee tent on your back for great distances. The larger floor space comes in real handy in a storm!

Hexpeak Size Chart

Hexpeak Trekking Pole Teepee Tent Size Chart

Minipeak Size Chart

Minipeak Pyramid Tent Size Chart

Hexpeak XL Size Chart

Hexpeak XL Teepee Size Chart

Minipeak XL Size Chart

Minipeak XL Pyramid Hot Tent Size Chart

Megahorn Size Chart

Megahorn Teepee Outer Tent Size Chart

Octopeak Size Chart

Octopeak Teepee Size Chart

Megahorn XL Size Chart

Megahorn XL Size Chart

The Batwing Camping Tarp is a great tool for groups and providing refuge from harsh rain or sun. It has a huge coverage to shelter you from the elements. You can sleep under this tarp or just use it as an additional communal area. The tarp will sleep up to 7 people comfortably, when using it as a minimalist shelter. This tarp can also be put over a picnic table area on a hot and sunny day. The Batwing has an extra UV coating on the underside, to provide additional shade. Some choose to put this huge tarp over their tent, to provide extra protection from the rain and not have to open and close their shelter door exposed to the elements. Think of it as an extra awning, like on a camper.

Batwing Size Chart

Batwing Group Tarp Size Chart


The Polatouche Backpacking Tarp is ultralight and stores compact. It can used in many different ways while out camping. Use it as a stand-alone shelter, with a hammock or as a tent awning. The tarp will sleep up to 2 people comfortably, when using it as a minimalist shelter. This tarp can also be attached to a tent, providing an area to lounge and cook out of the weather. You will be glad to have it when the rain starts to fall on your next camping adventure!

Polatouche Size Chart

Polatouche Tarp Size Chart

Thank you for browsing our shelter line. Let us know if you have any questions!