3W Tent Wood Stove (Korean Titanium) Folding

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The 3W Folding Tent Wood Stove is designed to turn a backpacking shelter into a Luxe hot tent! This stove is made of titanium, so it is ultralight and folds completely down to fit into a storage pouch. Optimized to heat 2-6 Person sized tents, teepees and hammock shelters. Stove kit may include a packable titanium stove, rollable pipe, spark arrestor grade, folding damper and storage zip pouch. Perfect for those cold weather backpacking adventures!

3W Folding Wood Stove Video


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About Folding Wood Stove

W3 Titanium Folding Tent Stove

The 3W Folding Wood Stove is made up of titanium, stainless steel and glass. It is rectangle in shape, with a flat top surface. It has a single door, with a glass window for viewing the flame from inside the tent. The door also has a slidable air intake, so that you can fine-tune the burn rate.

The stove top has a rib for less warping in high heat. All walls have channels to hold them into position after warping does occur. The stoves rectangle shape, makes it possible to boil water and cook real food with an ultralight pot or pan.

The whole stove system is stored by removing the four bolts from the stove body, folding down each wall, rolling up the chimney, flattening the damper and then storing it inside its storage pouch. This makes it ultralight and packable. You can put it inside or outside of a backpack, or wherever you need it on your adventure!

Foldable Titanium Wood Stove Kit


Wood Stoves Specs

  • Kit May Include:  Wood Stove, Pipe, Damper card, Spark Arrestor card and Storage Pouch
  • Material:  Korean Grade 1 Titanium (body) rated to 1382F, Stainless Steel (door parts and chimney) and German Tempered Heat Resistant Glass
  • Fire Box Size:  13.5" (length) x 7.8" (width) x 6.6" (body height) = 695 in³ (cubic inch)
  • Stove Body Weight:  2.18 lbs (34.8 ounces)
  • Total Kit Weight:  4.01 lbs (64.1 ounces)
  • Similar:  Huge XL Wood Stove base camp version
  • Stove and Pipe Total:  7.56' (height) [10.8' with longer pipe]
  • Door Opening:  5" (height) x 5.5" (width)
  • Wood Pieces:  12" (length)
  • Only Stove Pipe:  6.56' (length) x 2.9" diameter (width) - [9.8' pipe currently not available]
  • Not Included:  Snow and Sand Leg Base or our 35a Fire Pit Adapter

W3 Tent Wood Stove Size Chart

Main Stove Body Detail

Folding Wood Stove with Glass Door


Folding Stove Body Assembly

The folding stove body comes full apart at each of the main seams for storage and packing. Then it simply comes together by sliding the exterior walls together, closing the stove top like a shoebox and then inserting the four bolts (which also double as stove legs) through the corners of the main body. Then nuts secure it all together in place. 

Titanium Stove Warping Channels

Folding Wood Stove Bolts and Legs Assembly



Rollable Chimney Pipe Assembly

The stoves stainless steel chimney is put together by removing its velcro storage strap. It will naturally unspool at this point (wear gloves). Then you slide the chimney rings over the end one at a time, until they are all evenly across the pipe; forming a long tube. 

It is necessary to have two people assemble the chimney into a tube shape for the first time. Once the stove is burnt-in, then the pipe will more naturally come together. Stove pipe should be cut with scissors to achieve desired length, to match the specific shelter.

Rollable Titanium Chimney Wood Stove Pipe


Damper, Spark Arrestor and Pipe Connection

The wood stove comes with a unique damper and spark arrestor card assembly. This acts as a connection from the chimney pipe to the main stove body. The assembly is rolled and then held together by a bolt, then rivets are used to nest the pipe into its secure location. 

Once secure, the spark arrester and damper cards can be inserted into the slots on the side of the pipe. The airflow and burn rate is fine-tuned by adjusting the cards.

The whole assembly is designed to be flattened down and stored virtually in your pocket. No more worrying about crushing the damper tube inside a backpack!

Damper and Spark Arrestor Pieces

Damper and Spark Arrestor on Stove Body


Hot Tent Shelter Shopping?

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Note: Design has small updates that what is shown. Stove must be Burnt-in for the first time outside or in empty shelter. Wood is the only fuel source, wood is not included. Manufactured in Korea as Wstove. Wear gloves to assemble and operate this stove. View Stove Owners Manual