Megahorn Winter Teepee (4P) Outer Tent with Snow Skirts

Megahorn Winter Teepee with Inner Tent

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The Megahorn is a hexagon shaped floorless teepee tent for camping. Designed to be a very spacious cold weather winter tent. The outer tent sleeps up to 4 people as a fully functional shelter. This tent provides protection from very heavy rain, it is fully portable and easy to set up.

Megahorn Teepee with Inner Tent and Person


About Waterproof Outer Tent

This modular shelter can come with two main parts, the double door waterproof floorless outer tent (which keeps rain off you) and optional two person inner tent (which keeps bugs out and groundwater out). Think of this outer tent like an outdoor storm shelter you can climb into, when camping in bad weather conditions. 

The tent features a removable chimney cap, where a wood stove pipe (using a flue protector sleeve) can also be placed or also wood fire camping stove smoke can exit the opening at top of the shelter. No stove jack needed to burn a tent wood stove near the center pole!

Additionally, this teepee comes with retractable snow skirting (near the ground), for those nasty storms. Perfect for a cold winter weather camping trip!

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Megahorn Teepee with Wood Stove at Center

Teepee Tent Bug Screen Door

Megahorn Teepee  with Inner Tent Size Chart

Optional Inner Tent with Bathtub Floor

The inner tents come in a rectangle or hexagonal shape, and can be used together with the Megahorn Teepee. Additionally, there are two 2-person variations, the summer (3.5 season) and winter (4 season) models. This design difference gives you the option for more airflow or weather protection.

Megahorn 2 Person Inner Tent with Bathtub Floor

Megahorn 4 Person Tent Specs

  • Weather:  4 Season (Winter Tested)
  • Waterproof Outer Tent:  7.7 lbs
  • Optional 2-Man Inner Tents:  1.98 lbs (Summer) or 2.01 lbs (Winter)
  • Includes 16 Stakes:  7.05 ounces (purchase additional tent stakes)
  • Included Center Pole:  1.23 lbs (19.68 ounces)
  • Total:  9.92 lbs
  • 4-Person Outer Tent Only: 7.2' Tall (220 cm) - 13.12' x 10.82' dimensions
  • Camping Cot Max Space: 85” x 23” x 10” (Fits up to four cots)
  • Tent Packed Size: 23" x 7.5" x 6" (measurements include compression carrying sack, inner, stakes and pole)

Megahorn Teepee Tent Size Chart

Smoke Hole on Top of Teepee Tent Chart

Megahorn Teepee in Stuff Sack

Fabric and Further Details

  • Mountain Tested:  Heavy rain, wind and snow
  • Outer Tent:  Nylon Taffeta PU with taped seams - 190T - 1500mm
  • Double Doors on Outer:  Sewn in No-See-Um Mosquito Netting
  • Closeable Ventilation:  Sealable 360 Peak Removable Top Vent Cap (not seam sealed)
  • Guy Line Loops:  8 cord points with reflective line and tensioners included.
  • Internal Grommets:  6 cord points to hang inner tent and optional clothes line.
  • Optional Inner Tent Floor:  Waterproof 210D Oxford PU Bathtub Floor at 3000m
  • Optional Inner Walls:  Breathable Taffeta and/or No-see-um Mosquito Net with Zipper Doors

Megahorn Teepee Rain on Waterproof Tent Fabric

Megahorn Teepee Tension Straps and Tent Stakes

Uses of Tent

  • Campground Camping
  • Group Backpacking
  • Backcountry Hunting
  • Bushcraft
  • Bike Touring


Megahorn Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the outer tent by itself?

Yes you can! The Megahorn waterproof outer tent can also be used standalone, by using a groundsheet as the floor of the tent. That saves your a bit of weight out of your backpack. This also allows for more space when 4 or more people are in the shelter. Additionally, the outer has sewn in no-see-um mosquito netting on both doors, well as draw string bug netting at the chimney cap.

Why does this teepee tent have a snow skirt?

Snow skirts are for bad weather! The Megahorn Teepee Tent comes with snow skirts that are attached to the main outer tent body. Airflow can be adjusted under the edges of the tent by utilizing already in place storage strapping. Snow skirts are used on some winter tents, to prevent snow and rain being swept under the outer edges of the teepee. However, using these will decrease the airflow into the livable area of the shelter.

Note: Also known as the Megahorn 2. Tent colors may appear slightly different in person. Download Megahorn Teepee Setup Instructions

Warning: Proper airflow must be used when burning a wood stove inside a tent, to avoid the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Improper placement of a stove pipe can also melt the tent fabric. Put a stove inside this teepee at your own risk!