Octopeak Teepee (6P Outer Tent with 4P Inner) System

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The Octopeak is an octagon shaped teepee tent system for camping. This portable shelter is very large, compared to other Luxe teepees. The outer tent comfortably sleeps up to 6 people as a fully functional shelter. Designed to have a huge amount of floor space, compared to a traditional tent.

Octopeak 4-Person Teepee Tent

Modular Outer and Inner Tent

The tent system comes with two main parts, the double door floorless waterproof outer tent (which keeps rain off you) and the bathtub floor inner tent (which keeps mosquitos out and ground water out).

The inner is included in this package and has room to fit four people (even five smaller people), of almost any height, with additional internal and vestibule space for gear storage outside of inner tent used for sleeping. The outer tent can be used as a 6 person standalone floorless teepee or you can bring along the 4 person inner tent for weather and no-see-um mosquito protection.

You can also use one or two of our Half-Hex Tipi (1P) Solo Inner Tent with this shelter. This makes it so you can share a tent with a friend but each still have your own private area to zip into at night! Having a large shelter with plenty of extra room outside of your sleeping area helps you keep your clothes and gear dry and safe during storms which can prove to be lifesaving!

Octopeak 4-Person Inner Tent

Octopeak 4 Person (Configuration) Specs

  • Weather:  3.5 Season (Winter Tested)
  • Outer Tent:  2.91 lbs (46.5 ounces) 
  • Inner Tent:  2.88 lbs (46 ounces)
  • System Total:  5.08 lbs (81.28 ounces)
  • Not Included:  Center pole and extra guyline (see below)
  • Includes 8 Stakes:  3.9 ounces (may use 12 additional - purchase additional tent stakes)
  • 6 Person (Floorless) Outer Tent Space: 6.06' Tall (185 cm) - 9.97' (length) x 9.97' (width)
  • 4 Person Inner Tent Sleepable Space: 6.06' (height) x 7.64' (length) x 10' (width)
  • Camping Cot Max Space: 85” x 30” x 8.5” (Fits up to two cots)
  • Tent Packed Size: 22" x 6" x 6" (including inner, stakes and no pole)

Octopeak Teepee Size Chart

Fabric and Further Details

  • Mountain Tested:  Heavy rain, wind and snow
  • Teepee Tent:  40D Ripstop Nylon fabric - 260T with one side PU and one side siliconized
  • Inner Tent:  Nylon Mesh and no-see-um mosquito net with zipper doors. Then waterproof 68D Nylon Taffeta PU bathtub floor at 4000m

Using a Tent Wood Stove

A tent wood stove can be installed by sewing a stove jack in yourself (at own risk), or using a tent protector stove pipe sleeve in the second doors zipper and a spark arrestor. The Octopeak has two zippers, so you just close the second one around the sleeve. You must also use a damper in the pipe, to control very high temperatures. There is hardly a better way to take the cold chill out of the air, than feeling the dry heat of a wood fire.

Octopeak Teepee Using Tent Protector Pipe Sleeve

Octopeak Floorless Teepee with Wood Stove


Additional Octopeak Teepee Details

Octopeak Teepee Inner Tent Chart

Octopeak Teepee Inner and Outer Tent Chart

Octopeak Teepee Waterproof Fabric

Octopeak Teepee Line Tensioners

Octopeak Teepee in Stuff Sack

Octopeak Teepee with Solo Inner Tent

Possible Uses of Teepee Tent

  • Wilderness Backpacking
  • Campground Camping
  • Backcountry Hunting
  • Bushcraft
  • Bike Touring

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Octopeak Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the teepee tent outer tent by itself?

Yes you can! The Octopeak waterproof floorless teepee outer tent can also be used standalone, by using a groundsheet as the floor of the tent. That saves your a bit of weight out of your backpack. This also allows for 4 to 6 people to sleep under the teepee tent.

Center Pole come with the teepee tent?

No, it does not. The Octopeak Teepee uses a 6.06' (185 cm) center pole to construct the height of the tent. You can use a walking stick, our Luxe carbon trekking poles with that length and use Double-link Pole Connection Set ,or an extension adapter (pole jack). You can also purchase an aluminium adjustable (collapsible) center pole separately. You can also throw a line over a tree branch and hang it (no pole) from its center point loop, located on top of the tent; like a external framed traditional teepee.

Note: You will need to apply tent seam sealer (sealer included). Also known as the Sil Octopeak F8. Tent colors may appear slightly different in person. Download .pdf setup instructions.