Rocket XL Tarp (1.5/2-person) Wood Stove Ultralight Shelter

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The ultralight Rocket XL wood stove tarp was designed with the tall hunter in mind. Available with extra length (over 11') which can fit tall people, wood stove and gear. The side entrance doubles as a tent awning/glassing tarp.

Additionally, you can run a small tent wood burning stove in cold weather or pitch it high and use as a ultralight backpacking tarp for 2-people, and leave the stove jack at home using included rain cover. Sets up with 2 trekking poles or run with a single pole (run between trees using no pole) if extra space is not needed. Essentially, this ultralight tarp fills the job of 3 separate shelters, if you utilize all of the pitching modes.


About Rocket XL Tarp

  • Extra long and wide for tall hunters (over 11' long)
  • 3 main pitching options (2 pole storm mode, backpacking tarp style, between trees and ultralight single pole set up - dozens of variations)
  • Catenary curve shape for simple pitching
  • Ultralight ripstop silnylon fabric for smaller packable size
  • Includes tarp, wood stove jack, extra guyline, line locks, 6 Y-stakes and stuff sack
  • Optional 1-person bathtub tent floor
  • Side entrance door which doubles as tent awning
  • Wood stove jack for heat (hot tent)

Wood Stove Tarp Specs

  • Weather:  3.5 Season (Winter tested)
  • Size:  up to 2-person (One with Stove. See Hot Tent Guide)
  • Outer Tent:  25 ounces
  • 1.5/2 Person (Floorless) Tarp: 4.4' or more (height) x 11.4' (length) x 5.9' (max width)
  • Optional Bathtub Floor:   7.3' (length) x 3.1' (width) - 10.5 ounces
  • Trekking Poles:  Not Included - 1 [134cm] or 2 pole pitching options
  • Stove Jack:  10" x 14" and you cut hole (includes rain cover)
  • Stove Recommendation:  Small size
  • Minimum Pack Space: 4" x 12" x 4"
Rocket XL Tarp Size Chart
Rocket XL Tarp Side Door Open

Fabric and Further Details

  • Tarp Fabric: Waterproof 40D Ripstop Silnylon at 3000mm hydrostatic head - 260 Tensile strength 

Note: You will need to apply tent seam sealer for heavy rain on the ridgeline (sealer not included). Tarp color may appear slightly different in person. Made in a tent factory in China.