F500 Stove Mat (Floor Shield) for Tents

F500 Stove Mat for Tent Wood Stove

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The F500 Fireproof Mat is designed protect the wall or floor of a tent from burning from a wood stove. It is lightweight and portable for storage in a backpack or other small space. Great to use with a Luxe shelter to protect a nearby inner tent from a tent wood stove. Works with most tent manufacturers and designs!

Fireproof Mat with Tent Wood Stove


Stove Mat and Shield Specs

  • Includes:  1 x Rectangle mat
  • Material:  Fireproof silicone and fiberglass
  • Sizes:  23" x 29" (Small) | 41" x 29" (Standard) | 59" x 29" (XL)
  • Weight:  10 oz (Small) | 18 oz (Standard) | 57 oz (XL)


Tent Friendly

  • Canvas Tent
  • Synthetic Tipi Tents
  • Some Dome Tents


Note: Sewn in the USA. Luxe is not responsible for accidental damage done to your tent. Dimensions are estimated. Grommet and seamed version not available.