DIY Stove Jack for Tents Wood Stove Kit

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Luxe Stove Jack for Tents
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The Luxe Stove Jack kit makes it possible to install a wood stove in almost any 2 to 16 person sized steep walled shelter or even outfitter size tent. Works with ripstop nylon, silnylon, canvas and other tent fabrics. Great for DIY and MYOG sewing projects!

It is very important to use a stove jack, because the majority of tent fabrics will melt when in direct contact with a red hot chimney pipe. Crucial for hot tent camping. Sewn in the USA!

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Stove Jack in Tent Wall with Pipe

About Tent Stove Jack


This product is sewn in and then replaces that section of tent wall with a heat resistant silicone/fiberglass material. Then you easily cut a hole with a sharp knife or scissors, to be slightly larger than the circumference of the wood stoves chimney pipe. 

Extra rain flap and waterproof cover may be included in the kit, to help redirect the rain water from entering the shelter while burning the stove, or the rain cover helps seal the hole when stove is not in use. 

This stove jack kit is designed so that it can be removed using the velcro and replaced after heavy use, or even own multiple different stove jacks if you own several different sized wood stoves. 


Stove Jack Specs

  • Shelter Size:  2 - 16 Person [Standard]
  • Compatible Tent Fabrics:  Ripstop Nylon, Silnylon, Polyester, Silpoly, Canvas and others
  • Count:  1 Stove Jack Kit
  • Dimensions:  10" (width) x 14" (height) rectangle [Standard]
  • Material:  Silicone and Woven Fiberglass
  • Stove Jack Hole:  You cut to stove pipe size. Example of 3 inches to 5 inches suggested [Standard]
  • Kit Total Weight:   4.36 oz [Standard]
  • Kit May Include:   Pre-cut Velcro strips, commercial grade basting tape, pre-sewn stove jack and ripstop polyester rain cover

Stove Jack with Velcro Rain Cover


Note: Sewn in the USA. Color may be different. Standard size not intended to be used with stove pipes over 5" and near the fire box. Be sure to trim access material away from your particular stove pipe (there should be a small gap).