About Us

Luxe Hiking Gear LLC was established in 2017 to provide high quality camping equipment at an accessible price (Shipping to North America and other worldwide countries). We carry lightweight unique tents that we hope will inspire everyone to spend the night outdoors. As well as hiking related gear to get you down the trail. Simplify your outdoor experience!  

About Owner and Our Mission

Jake Morrison was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. A well known expert on the Olympic Peninsula hiking trails in Washington State. Many hikers know him as “Barefoot Jake” on the trails. Out of his obsession and passion for camping equipment, Luxe Hiking Gear products was born. Jake actually spends a lot of time in the backcountry personally testing gear in some of the toughest weather conditions from January to December.


In his younger years he realized he wasn’t feeling fulfilled with his 9 to 5 schedule and left it all behind to spend more time in the outdoors where he was happy. As a newbie backpacker he started off with the typical big brand name outdoor gear that you will see everywhere. Then he evolved to the most minimalist, ultralight hiking, where he even hiked and camped under just a poncho. And then he gained experience working in the outdoor industry for years and has been lucky to experience the most elite and expensive tents you can buy. As a gear nerd he studied intensely the shape, performance and materials of all these tents and he realized that the highest costing fabrics are mostly just for show or to save a negligible amount of weight. So he found the perfect balance between performance (durability & water resistance) and cost. He set out with the mission of getting real people camping outside by providing high quality, practical tents at lower price points.

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