Frequently Asked Questions

Ordering and Shipping

Luxe Hiking Gear is a small business, that is owned and operated by a single person in the United States of America. Thank you for your patience. We ship to North America (USA, Canada and some all over the world - Iceland, Greenland, Central America, South America, Europe and etc.) addresses and offer free shipping for orders over $50.00 via USPS to USA. Please read our shipping, returns and refund policies

Product Tips and Questions

What are the differences between Luxe tent models?

Luxe Hiking Gear tents come in various shapes and heights. We chose this product line, to try and meet the needs of various users. The important thing is that you find the balance between weight and space that you need to be comfortable in the woods. Want to learn more? Compare the differences between tent models.

I’m over 6’ tall. Which tent would you recommend?

All of the tents in our product line will fit a person that is tall. Height greater than 6 foot? There is hope for you! The small drawback is that you may have to sleep at an angle in a 2 person tent space or choose one of our large tipis, that will fit almost any height of person.

Where are Luxe Tents made?

Luxe Outdoor provides most of the products listed in our store. Their brand is based in Hong Kong and Luxe Hiking Gear purchases items from them, then resells them in the USA. They are a well established brand for just under a decade. Content of their products can be found in blogs, social media and Youtube (from all over the world). International customers should check with their website, to see if there is a retailer in a closer country.

Camping in the snow

Yes, you can camp in the snow with all the Luxe tents. You just want to make sure that you use extra length in your guyline, to give you more options for putting an anchor into the snow. Like any tent on the market, be sure that you do not let the weight of the snow load the tent poles, because you may cause them to break.

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Camping in the rain

The steep walls and pyramid shape of a Luxe tent, make them handle heavy rain well. Be sure to let proper airflow into the tent overnight, especially if you are choosing a campsite that is already soaking wet. Additionally, pairing one of our tents with a solo inner tent (smaller than the fly footprint), gives you a double use area, to get out of the weather or just relax.

Pitching a lightweight Luxe tent in a windstorm

Making camp with a lightweight tent when it is windy, can sometimes be challenging. The trick is to put tent stakes on the windward side of the tent first, and then do the rest. That way the tent fly does not try to blow away, when you are constructing your shelter. Putting additional rocks on top of the stakes, may also helpful in some situations.

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Can I get replacement Tent instruction manual?

Yes, you sure can! Just reach out to customer service via Contact Us page. Include which tent model you own and we will email you a new set, as early as possible. Additionally, some of the tents have .pdf download links at the bottom of the products listing.

Fabrics and Materials

Why not use Cuben Fiber?

Cuben Fiber is an ultra-lightweight fabric that some companies to make tents and backpacks. Unfortunately it is VERY costly to use in manufacturing. That price gets pushed to the consumer. A small 2 person tent can start around $700 USD. This makes it very unaffordable for everyone. Luxe Hiking Gear will never have products with this fabric for that reason. It should be more about spending less of time working to buy things that are just for status/show and more money for getting away from it all in the wilderness! From my experience of hundreds and hundreds of nights in the backcountry and years of working in the outdoor gear industry-- these tent shapes and designs offer the best performance for all types of weather conditions at a very good price and weight.

Avoiding Tent Condensation

Making sure there is proper airflow

All tents get condensation if you do not let proper airflow inside the outer fly area. All weather and campsite conditions are not the same, but in every situation, it is important to leave the door cracked and the edges of the tent off the ground. In every situation, besides in a windstorm. Air must enter and leave the tent through the night, to avoid waking up in a damp condensation.

Avoid misting while sleeping

You may or may not have heard the term Misting. Basicly misting happens when the inside of the tent fly collects condensation. Heavy rains or strong winds causes vibrations in the outer tent fly. This causes soft mist to fall inside the sleeping area. To prevent this, use an inner tent and/or make sure there is proper airflow through the inside of the tent.

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Returns, Repairs and Warranty

Our Return Policy states that you have a 15 day window to return items. Your camping gear must be unused outdoors. Free from any dirt, dust or grime.

Luxe Hiking Gear has no way to repair a damaged product. Depending on the issue, there may be a simple way to repair the item. Feel free to reach out to customer service.

All Luxe products have a 1 year warranty. This only covers manufacturer's defects. Any use of the products under great stress, is not covered by any warranty. In the case that it is determined to be a manufacturer's defect we will offer a replacement product, but no refund.