Luxe Adjustable Aluminum (Tarp and Teepee) Poles

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Luxe Aluminum Center Poles pair perfectly with lightweight tarps, Luxe Lightweight Teepee Tents and almost any center pole tent on the market. These poles come in various thickness and heights, to fit the needs of a variety of tents that use a center pole to pitch. Made of durable aluminum alloy for lightweight backpacking and camping. Sold as a single pole. 


Adjustable Center Poles Specs

  • Pole 163X:  3.6' to 5.34' (110 to 163 cm) at 10.4 ounces
  • Pole 197X:  4.72' to 6.46' (144 to 197 cm) at 12.2 ounces
  • Pole 231X:  5.38' to 7.57' (164 to 231 cm) at 19.75 ounces


Teepee Tent Suggestions



Do these poles fold down?

Yes they do! These tarp and teepee tent center poles bread down into several pieces, depending on which model you choose. Most poles come apart into four sections. This design makes them highly customizable to your needs to properly pitch your specific shelter. 

How is the length adjustable?

Adjusting these aluminum poles are very simple. Both ends can be adjusted, removed or extended by push pin buttons which locks the pole in position. This is helpful for customizing and pitching your specific teepee tent or tarp.