3W-Base Leg Plate (Snow and Sand) for Titanium Stove

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3W-Base Leg Plate (Snow and Sand) for Titanium Stove
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The 3W-Base Plate makes it possible to set the 3W Tent Stove on snow or sand, and not have the legs sink into the ground. This is a great solution for snow camping in winter or in the desert on sand. To carry, simply add this plate in the stoves included carrying bag. 

Additionally, using this plate allows you to bake food or dry out wood, by placing items under the stove belly. Now that is the ultimate camp system!

3W Base Plate Legs on Sand

Snow and Sand Plate Specs

  • Kit Includes:  Base Plate and Attachment Nuts
  • Material:  Korean Grade 1 Titanium rated to 1382F
  • Size:  13.5" (length) x 7.8" (width)
  • Weight:  7 ounces
  • Not Included:  Tent Stove and Legs or our 35a Fire Pit Adapter

Base Plate Spec Chart


Note: Manufactured in South Korea

Updated May 2023: In second warehouse