Batwing (16’ x 16’) Group Camping Tarp

Batwing Group Camping Tarp in Purple

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The Batwing Group Tarp is a versatile piece of camping gear. This is huge compared to other outdoor tarps. Use as a shelter and sleep up to 7 people under the tarp. Most tarps are just flat rectangles. It can be easily pitched many ways, making it a very versatile shelter. Large enough to cover most campsites!

Batwing Tarp with Inner Tent

About the Batwing Group Tarp


This tarp has a special kind of cut known as a catenary-cut, which is used commonly in architecture and engineering. Pros will use catenary-cut tarps because it makes drum-tight pitches possible, sheds water more effectively, and uses less fabric (and is therefore lighter). It is ideal for backcountry camping with groups when the forecast calls for rain.

Just simply set the tarp up over a communal area and cook your dinner out of the storm, or even use it as an extra rainfly to protect several tents from heavy rain. Once it is set up and your group is out of the rain, everyone will be thankful you carried the tarp in your backpack. A great way to make new friends!

Batwing Group Tarp for Camping

Large Group Tarp Specs

  • Weather:  3.5 Season (Winter tested)
  • Tarp:  3.7 lbs (59.2 ounces)
  • Includes:  10 Stakes (purchase additional tent stakes)
  • Does Not Include:  Tarp Poles
  • Large Tarp Space: 16.4' x 16.4' dimensions
  • Tie-out Points: 2 x Double Ridgeline + 4 x Corners + 2 Outside Walls = 8 Total
  • Guyline Cord: Two 8mm ridgeline cords x 2 | 3mm corner points
  • Tarp Packed Size: 16" x 4.5" x 4.5" (including cord, stakes and no poles)

Batwing Tarp Size Chart

Batwing Tarp Packed in Stuff Sack

Fabric and Further Details

  • Tarp Fabric: Waterproof 68D Polyester PU at 1500mm | Silver UV Reducing Coating (Chrome)
  • Available Colors: Black, Green and Purple Tarp (Come with Chrome Underside)
  • Built-In: Rope pockets for each guyline

Batwing Tarp Waterproof Fabric

Batwing Tarp Quality Hardware

Uses of Tarp

  • Wilderness Backpacking
  • Campground Camping
  • Backcountry Hunting
  • Bushcraft
  • Bike Touring

Batwing Tarp FAQ

Why is the underside of the tarp silver (chrome)?

The Batwing tarp is double sided and reversible. One side has color, while the other is coated with UV reducing technology. This coating dramatically gives you more shade under the tarp. Out in the sun? Reverse the tarp and put the reflective coating facing out. This gives you the ability to have your own portable camping shade.

Can I use this tarp as a tent?

Yes you can! The Batwing tarp acts as a waterproof outer tent and can also be used stand-alone, by using a groundsheet as the floor of the shelter. This minimalist style of backpacking, would save your group a significant amount of weight out of the backpacks. Allowing the group to be closer with nature and take the cowboy type approach to camping. Additionally, you can run some paracord under the main ridgeline of the tarp (attaching to the inside loops provided). Then pair it with a Luxe Mosquito Inner Tent.

Note: You will need to apply tent seam sealer. Also known as the Batwing 500s. Download .pdf setup instructions