Cylinder Chimney Oven (Tent Wood Stove) by Gstove

Chimney Oven for Tent Wood Stoves with Thermometer

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This chimney oven is cylinder in shape and was designed for the Gstove, but will work with any tent wood stove with the same pipe diameter. It has a simple oven door, with a built in thermometer and glass window for easy baking. Additionally, by adding this secondary chamber, will increase the heat output of your stove. Use this oven together with a wood stove, for a luxurious camping experience!

Cylinder Chimney Oven with Door Open

More About Chimney Oven


This chimney oven utilizes wasted heat and smoke which naturally rises up from the fire box, and up the flue pipe. The oven secures in-line to the chimney pipe, and has internal chamber in its walls, which channel the smoke around the racks were the food bakes and exits the remaining stove pipe.

Easily view your baking meal with the small glass window, and cook more efficiently the oven thermometer, all built into the door. A simple latch secures the door closed and features a coil handle.

Control style of baking, by adjusting the distance between the oven and wood stove, inline with the chimney sections.

Tent Wood Stove Oven for Baking

Stove Pipe Oven Specs

  • Includes:  1 x Chimney Oven with thermometer and 3 removable racks
  • Material:  Stainless Steel
  • Fits:  2.3" (width) chimney pipe
  • Size:  14.37" (height)
  • Pan Suggestion:  5.5" (height)
  • Oval Oven Chamber:  5.9" (width) x 5.9" (width)
  • Weight:  11.68 lbs

Chimney Oven with Wood Stove Example

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Note: Install and adjust oven when wood stove is not burning. Also known as Pipe Cooking Oven Premium