Damper Pipe (14.3" x 2.3" Stainless Steel) for Tent Stoves by Gstove

Damper Pipe for Tent Wood Stoves

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This stainless stove damper pipe was designed for the Gstove, but will work with any tent wood stove with the same pipe diameter. The purpose of a stove damper to limit the amount of air getting pulled out the chimney, which decreases or slows down the fire burn and increases your burn time. A valuable accessory for those long winter nights!

Damper in Tent Stove Pipe

More About Damper Pipe

This tent stove damper is designed to use in conjunction with the air vent on the stove door, and to fine-tune the amount of air entering and getting pulled up the stove pipe. The stove pipe damper has holes drilled into it, then a turnable rod is put through those holes and the flapper at the middle of the rod inside the pipe.

The flapper piece is the actual damper, by turning the coil handle on the end of the rod, the flapper goes from vertical (which allows the most air through the pipe), to the horizontal position (limiting smoke and heat from exiting the wood stove). This is important for a more long and slow fire burn during the long nights. 

Additionally, using a damper allows you to use the wood stove as more of a heater. Limiting the amount of air that can leave the fire chamber, lets you also boost the heat output of the stove. The heat from a hot fire will leave the chimney hole, if you do not limit the amount of air getting pulled up the stove pipe. Each fire burns differently, so turn the damper handle in small adjustments until it just right for your needs. 

Tent Stove Pipe with Built in Damper


Tent Stove Pipe Damper Specs

  • Includes:  1 x Stove Damper Pipe Section
  • Material:  Stainless Steel
  • Size:  14.3" (length) x 2.3" (width)
  • Weight:  10 ounces


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