Double-link Connection Straps for Trekking Poles

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Double-link Trekking Pole Connection Straps
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The Luxe Double-link Connection Straps are used to connect two trekking poles together. Connecting two trekking poles together, allows you to use them as a long tent center pole. Most large pyramid and teepee tents require a center pole with a greater amount of length (height); than is possible using just a single walking stick.

About Pole Connection Straps

Simply arrange the trekking pole tips facing each other and loop over the velcro straps (pair), wrapping to form a tight and secure bond. Works with both flip or twist pole locking mechanisms. Perfect for any Luxe tent or lightweight tarp or virtually any single pole tent on the market today!

Trekking Pole Connector Specs

  • Pair Weight: 0.35 ounce
  • Length: 2.5mm cord
  • Pair: 2 pieces in each set
  • Color: Colors may be at random


Pole Connection Frequently Asked Questions

How do I connect trekking poles together?

It is simple, overlap your hiking poles with the the tips towards the middle. The Double-Link Connection straps form a tight bond around your pole using leverage and velcro, by utilizing the protruding locking mechanisms and pole tip hardware. Both straps roughly go halfway down the length of the poles, depending on design and manufacture. This will form a tall single staff for pyramid and teepee tents, that use a center pole. Need more? Try our Middle-Link Trekking Pole Extension Section

Note: May ship in other colors than what is displayed. Trekking poles must have factory locking mechanisms. Strap velcro needs to be staggered before closing to lock position. Finial length varies by pole manufacturer (Example: 2 Luxe Trekking Poles reach over 6'). Not intended for 4 season use.