HDPE Tyvek Full Floor for Hexpeak 2p

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HDPE Tyvek Full Floor for Hexpeak 2p
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The HDPE Hexpeak 2p Tipi Tyvek Full Floor was designed to use together with the Hexpeak 2p Tipi Tent. It was designed to be insulating barrier between a sleeping pad and the cold ground. This ultralight floor can be used as a tent footprint, ground cloth, groundsheet or stand-alone for cowboy camping. Tyvek is best suiting for winter camping in below freezing conditions or in the desert. We recommend our other groundsheet for wet climates.

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Tent Floor Features

  • Hexagon shape exclusively for Hexpeak 2p Tipi
  • Sewn-in corner loops for stakes
  • Reinforce edging to minimize fraying
  • Snow and sand friendly material
  • Use as shelter floor or footprint


Tyvek Tent Floor Specs

  • Sizes:  2-person
  • Count:  1 Tent Floor and Storage Sack
  • Dimensions:  8.9' (width) x 7.6’ (length) (Hexagon point to point shaped)
  • Floor Material:  DuPont Tyvek
  • Weights:   9.3 oz
  • Stove Friendly:  No, not recommended


Note: Made in China