Hexpeak 2-Person (Tipi) Double Inner Tent

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Hexpeak 2-Person Tipi Inner Tent
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The Hexpeak Tipi Double Inner Tent is a non-freestanding hexagon shaped tipi inner tent for camping. The only Luxe product this will fit is the Hexpeak Trekking Pole Teepee Tent


About 2-Person Inner Tent

2-Person Inner Tent in Teepee

This inner tent comes with no-see-um mosquito netting, nylon mesh for storm protection and a sewn-in bathtub floor. Pair it with a groundsheet for additional protection and warmth. The Double Inner Tent is held up by either a center pole or hung by a loop that is attached at the top. The 6 corners can be fastened along with the outer tent stakes or on their own. The livable space has room to fit two people (plus an additional child or dog), under 6 feet tall, with plenty of space. The Double Inner Tent will fit other competitor pyramid or tipi tent products, but be sure to check the height and floor dimensions.

2-Person Inner Tent Specs

  • Sleepable Space: 4.42' (135 cm) tall - 7.64' (length) x 6.88' (width middle) x 4.33' (width ends)
  • Inner Tent Weight:  1.96 lbs (31.3 ounces)
  • Hardware:  Pole and Tent Stakes not included
  • Packed Size: 14" x 4" x 4"

Hexpeak Two Person Inner Tent Size Chart

Fabric and Further Details

  • Inner Tent Floor:  68D Nylon Taffeta PU Bathtub Floor at 4000m
  • Inner Walls:  Nylon Fabric and No-see-um Mosquito Net with Zipper Door


Tipi Inner Tent FAQ

Can the inner tent be used with other products?

Yes it can! The Hexpeak Tipi (2P) Double Inner Tent will fit other tent manufacturers. It is important to note if the tent uses a center pole and what the floor dimensions of that specific product are. Be sure to choose a outer tent with a much larger area, if that particular shelter has an exact pyramid shape.

Note: Inner Tent is not seam sealed. Also known as the Hex F4 inner. Made in a tent factory in China.