Mega-inner 2-Person (Large Tipi) Inner Tents

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Mega-inner 2-Person Inner Tents come in a rectangle shaped and are designed for any large teepee tent. These inner tents comes in two versions, the summer (3.5 season) and winter (4 season) models. You have the option for more airflow or weather protection, with each variation. 

The summer inner tent is designed for 3.5 season use. It comes with, two doors, mosquito netting, lower nylon mesh wall for storm protection and then a bathtub floor to keep water out of your sleeping area.

The winter inner tent is designed for the 4 season camping. It has extra wall protection for heavy snow and rain use. This is most beneficial to make the shelter a true double walled tent, fighting extra condensation that may form on the underside of the outer tent walls. 

Pair both with a groundsheet for additional protection and warmth in a floorless shelter.

About Inner Tents

Megahorn 2-Person Teepee Inner Tent

Megahorn Teepee Inner Tent Size Chart

Mega-inner 2-Person Inner Tents are held up by four adjustable lines that hook to the inside of the tent. The four corners can be fastened along with the outer tent stakes or on their own. The livable space has room to fit two people, around 6 feet tall, with plenty of space. These inner tents are designed specifically for the Megahorn Teepee Tent, but will also fit competitor tipi shaped tents with same or greater measurements.  

These 2-person teepee inner tents has a lot of versatility!  Use it within a huge teepee tent to create a protective sleeping area with a large vestibule. Or put 2 of them in a larger tent to create a shared shelter that still provides a degree of privacy for each couple or family.


2 Person Inner Tents Specs

  • Sleepable Space: 3.93' (height) x 7.54' (length) x 4.75' (width)
  • Summer Inner Tent Weight:  1.98 lbs (31.68 ounces)
  • Winter Inner Tent Weight:  2.01 lbs (32.2 ounces)
  • Hardware:  Pole and Tent Stakes not included
  • Camping Cot Max Space: 65" x 30" x 8.5" (Single)
  • Packed Size: 12" x 3.5" x 3.5"

Need larger? Check out our Mega-Family 4 Person Inner Tent or Hex-V8 2.5P Tipi Inner Tent


Megahorn Teepee with Inner Tent and Two Persons

Fabric and Further Details

  • Inner Tent Floor:  Waterproof 210D Oxford PU Bathtub Floor at 3000m
  • Inner Walls:  Breathable Taffeta and/or No-see-um Mosquito Net with Zipper Doors

Fits Any 4 - 16 Person Teepee Tents

  • Seek Outside Tipi Tents
  • Kifaru Tipis
  • Tentipi
  • Many More...


Tipi Inner Tent FAQ

Use inner tent with other brands products?

Yes you can! The Mega-inner Tipi Double Inner Tent will fit an array of other tent manufacturers. It is important that the outer tent uses a center pole (to hang the inner tent from) and has appropriate floor dimensions to fit this inner tent. 

Will more than 1 inner tent fit my large shelter?

Yes, in some cases. The Mega-inner Double Inner Tent can fit 2 rectangles in very large pyramid or teepee tents. Doing this would be beneficial for basecamp, backcountry hunting or bushcraft camping. That way each couple or family can have their own private livable space. It is important to use two inner tents, that the outer tent has two doors. Be sure that the tent or tipi has a much larger footprint, to provide adequate space.

Note: Tipi Inner Tent is not seam sealed. Also known as the Megahorn inner. Made in a tent factory in China. May require custom configuration to install using stakes.