Megahorn Hot Tent (4P) Stove Jack

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Megahorn Hot Tent (4P) Stove Jack
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The Megahorn Wood Stove Tent is a hexagon shaped teepee for cold weather backpacking, backcountry hunting and camping. Designed to be a very spacious lightweight winter tent. The outer tent sleeps up to 4 people as a fully functional shelter. This tent provides protection from very heavy rain, it is fully portable and easy to set up.  It also offers a stove jack port that can be opened and used with a portable tent wood stove.

Megahorn Tipi (Overview) Video


More: Quick Megahorn Set Up Guide Video

About Waterproof Outer Tent

This floorless outer tent has double doors and waterproof fabric to keep rain off you. Then add a groundsheet or an optional inner tent (which keeps bugs out and groundwater out), for an additional cost.  

Additionally, this teepee comes with retractable snow skirting (near the ground), for those nasty storms. Perfect for a cold weather camping trip! 

Megahorn Tipi with Wood Stove Hunting


Optional Inner Tents and Bathtub Floors

Wood stoves can be used in conjunction with inner tents and bathtub floors. Be sure to use a reasonable sized stove, and keep enough distance between the fabric and the heat source (See inner and stove video). 

Megahorn 2-Person Inner with Wood Stove Chart


Stove Jack for Tent Wood Stove

The Megahorn Teepee Tent includes a stove jack and rain cover, so that the pipe from a wood stove can exit a vent in the livable area of the tent.

This stove jack port is super versatile! It is a 14" x 10" rectangle made of cuttable silicone fiberglass fabric, surrounded by velcro fabric that you can seal when it is not in use so that your tent stays weatherproof.  Out-of-the-box the stove jack port is an oval shape that is 3" x 6" with a hole flap that can create a closure as small as 3" x 2", which can be cut up to 5” with scissors.  

The hole where the stove pipe exits the teepee is 4' off the ground and 4' away from the outer tent wall. We suggest using a wood stove system with the total height of 7' for potential sparks and smoke clearance.

This winter tent shelter also features a large removable and sealable chimney cap at the very top opening of the teepee, where a stove pipe with a protective sleeve (if you would like to install a stove near the center pole) or wood fire smoke can exit the top hole of the shelter. 

Teepee Tent Stove Jack

Megahorn Tipi with Cot and Wood Stove

Need a larger shelter? Check out the Megahorn XL 8p Tipi

Megahorn 4 Person Tent Specs

  • Weather:  4 Season (Winter Tested)
  • Size:  4-person (up to three with Stove. See Hot Tent Guide)
  • Outer Tent:  6.6 lbs
  • Includes 16 Stakes:  7.05 ounces
  • Includes Center Pole:  1.23 lbs (19.68 ounces)
  • Total:  8.7 lbs (2oz more for White w/ UV Silver - currently not available)
  • Not Included:  Wood Stove or Groundsheet
  • Space: 7.2' Tall (220 cm) - 13.12' x 10.82' dimensions
  • Camping Cot Max Space: 85” x 23” x 10” (Fits up to four cots)
  • Tent Packed Size: 23" x 6" x 6" (included compression carrying sack, stakes and optional pole)

Fabric and Further Details

  • Mountain Tested:  Heavy rain, wind and snow (No Sil-sag)
  • Green (currently not available) and Brown Outer Tent:  (Improved) 68D Polyester Taffeta PU with taped seams - 185 Tensile strength - 1500mm Hydrostatic Head - Fire Retardant
  • White w/ Silver (currently not available) Outer Tent:  (Improved) 68D Polyester Taffeta with silver pigment in PU with taped seams. UV coating inside surface - 185T - over 2500mm (added shade and heat retention) - Fire Retardant
  • Double Doors:  Sewn in No-See-Um Mosquito Netting
  • Tent Stove Jack: cuttable Silicone and Fiberglass - 14" x 10" Total Size and 3" x 2" oval hole with expanding flap to 3" x 6" (not seam sealed)
  • Stove Jack Rain Cover:  Fire Retardant Heavy Coated Polyester Oxford 
  • Closable Ventilation:  Sealable 360 Peak Removable Top Vent Cap (not seam sealed)
  • Guy Line Loops:  8 cord points with reflective line and tensioners included.
  • Internal Grommets:  6 cord points to hang inner tent and optional clothes line.


More Tent Info

Megahorn Teepee Tent Size Chart

Megahorn White with UV Shade Fabric Coating

Teepee with Removable Top for Fire Smoke

Floorless Teepee Tent with Sleeping Bags

Teepee Tent in Stuff Sack

Megahorn Tipi with Inner Tent

Megahorn Teepee Winter Tent Snow Camping


Uses of Tent

  • Campground Camping
  • Backcountry Hunting
  • Backpacking
  • Bushcraft
  • Bike Touring
  • Prepping (Survival)


Note: Weakest point of any tipi are the poles, please watch our videos for proper pitching techniques. Also known as the Megahorn 3.

Tent colors may appear slightly different in person. Not intended as an extreme weather mountaineering shelter. Download Megahorn Teepee Setup Instructions. Customization setup of floor may be required. Main tent body made in China. 

Warning: Proper airflow must be used when burning a wood stove inside a tent, to avoid the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Improper placement of a stove pipe can also melt the tent fabric. Put a stove inside this teepee at your own risk!