Minipeak XL (3P) Wood Stove Backpacking Tent

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Minipeak XL Wood Stove Pyramid Tent
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The Minipeak XL Wood Stove Tent is a pyramid shaped shelter system designed for backcountry use outdoors. It is simple to set up using a pole and a minimum of four stakes.  For the pole you can use a trekking pole with an extension or a dedicated center pole. The outer tent sleeps up to 3 people as a fully functional shelter or solo if you are above 6' tall (shorter users can see 2p version) and using a stove. Designed exclusively for the needs of backcountry camping! 

Minipeak XL (Set Up) Video


All About the Minipeak XL

Minipeak XL Pyramid Tent with Hunter

  • Simple single pole design
  • Fits any height when used floorless for one person. Or fit two people under 6' tall when used floorless.
  • Ripstop Polyester (no silnylon sag) outer tent functions fully as a stand alone 3-person shelter
  • 2 doors double open on outer tent for convenience and tarp-like airflow
  • Pyramid shaped for bad weather vs space livability
  • Run floorless (use 1.5p Tyvek Floor) or add 1.5-person inner, which hooks into the main shelter if needed
  • Easy take down and storage for a backpack or another small place
  • Top loop to hang outer tent with no poles needed
  • Includes stove jack for adding tent wood stoves (waterproof rain cover)


This modular tent comes with the floorless double-door waterproof outer tent (which keeps rain off you) and the 1.5-person inner tent with a bathtub floor (which keeps mosquitos out and ground water out), or available 1 and 2p Bathtub Floors.

Comes with a pre-installed 10" x 14" stove jack, which makes it possible to add a small or medium sized wood stove, transforming the shelter into a wood stove tent using up a third of the floorspace (1-person).

Minipeak XL Pyramid Tent with 1.5 Inner

Inner Tent with Bathtub Floor

The 1.5-person winter inner tent uses less than half of the pyramid tent and has room to fit one person, under 6 feet tall and extra gear. The inner tent walls are designed to keep body temperatures in and significantly lowers the risk of condensation, transforming the shelter to a true double walled tent, with floor and zipper door. Safe to use with small or medium sized tent wood stove! 

XL 1.5p Winter Pyramid Inner Tent

Minipeak XL 3-Person Tent Specs

Outer Tent Shelter:

  • Weather:  3.5 Season
  • Size:  3-person (up to two with Stove. See Hot Tent Guide)
  • Outer Tent:  2.9 lbs (45.8 ounces) 
  • 3 Person (Floorless) Outer Tent: 5.25' (height) x 8.8' (length) x 8.2' (width)
  • Wood Stove Jack:  10" x 14" (included rain cover)
  • Tent Packed Size:  20" x 5" x 5"

Inner Tent:

  • 1.5p Inner Tent:  1.5 lbs (24.6 ounces)
  • 1.5p Inner Tent Sleepable Space: 4.4' (height) x 7.5' (length) x 3.9' (width)

More Details:

  • Not Included:  Center pole, wood stove or Trekking Pole with extension
  • Includes 8 Stakes:  4.4 ounces 

Fabric and Further Details

  • Pyramid Outer Tent:  Brown and Green 68D Polyester Ripstop PU at 1500mm (No Sil-sag) 
  • Inner Tent:  68D breathable Polyester and HD mesh. Then 68D Polyester Taffeta PU bathtub floor at 4000mm
  • Tent Stove Jack: cuttable Silicone and Fiberglass - 14" x 10" Total Size and included waterproof rain cover (not seam sealed)

Minipeak XL Floorless Pyramid Tent Specs

Minipeak XL Pyramid Tent Size Chart

Minipeak XL Pyramid Tent With Cot

Possible Uses of Tent

  • Wilderness Backpacking
  • Winter Camping
  • Bicycle Camping (Bikepacking)

Tent Pitching (Pole) Options

  • 160cm Pole Height: Extension with trekking pole, or dedicated pole
  • 2 Shorter Poles: Connect together using straps or extension/connection section
  • Dedicated Center Pole: Collapsible Luxe Poles
  • Use Wood: Build hanging tripod or use single pole inside
  • No Pole Setup: Hang from outer tent top loop

Note: Also known as the Minipeak XL. Tent colors may appear slightly different in person. May ship with snow skirts. Peak may need seam sealer. Made in a tent factory in China. Always use CO Detector and vent while burning wood stove.